Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA major of headlines main the are Following -- IRNA 31, Oct Tehran, :Wednesday on dailies Tehran DAILY IRAN -- "cost all at prices oil Stable" Iran that Monday on said Zanganeh Namdar Bijan Minister Oil .prices oil stabilize help to means possible all to resort will NEWS IRAN -- "Afghanistan in .S.U helping rejects Leader" any out ruled has Khamenei Ali Ayatollah Leader Supreme Iran's illegitimate gaining" called he what for States United the to help reported agency news IRNA state the ,"Afghanistan in interests .Tuesday INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "terrorism uproot to way no War" end immediate an for jointly called Tuesday Malaysia and Iran .Afghanistan in bombing -led.S.U the to TIMES TEHRAN -- "fails Iran to visit delegation ISI" is (ISI) service intelligence Pakistani the from delegation A invited they which during Republic Islamic the visited have to said .Pakistan to go to minister foreign and president Iranian the TOSS'E -- "Afghanistan northern in base military building America" was Washington that reported Tuesday on Today USA daily The northern in base military a of construction the for plan a mulling .Afghanistan NOROUZ -- in interference judiciary's to protests widespread MP's" "policies foreign a of formation the described Tuesday on deputies Parliamentary of execution the supervise to judiciary the by committee supervisory Supreme the of ratifications and leader the by demanded policies .illegal as Council Security National YAZD AFTAB-E -- "Taliban against weapons nuke use to America" Tuesday, on editorials their in dailies, Pakistani Several of use the over statements secretary's defense .S.U the called and world the to threat a as Afghanistan in weapons nuclear .them condemned ENTEKHAB -- "agreement Omar Hekmatyar-Mulla" Afghanistan's that said has Pakistan daily Islamabad-based The against fight the in deal a struck had Taliban and Party Islamic Islami, Hizbi the of leader the Hekmatyar, Gulbuddin and .S.U the .Afghanistan to soon return would NO HAYAT-E -- "war Second" Investigation of Bureau Federal the cited has Press Associated United the on attack another of possibility the that saying as .strong very is week current the in States JAM JAM-E -- "deaths six with ends Tabriz in Hostage-taking" armed an after injured others eight and killed were people Six this in company industrial an of workers the on fire opened robber .Monday on city northwestern IRAN -- "state Palestinian a establish to come has Time" Tunesia to visit a during Ciampi, Azeglio Carlo President Italian a of establishment the for ripe is time that said Tuesday, on .statehood Palestinian MELLAT -- "important as Tehran with dialogue considers Tokyo" ahead Tuesday issued statement a in Ministry, Foreign Japan's that said country, that to Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign Iranian of .important as Tehran with dialogue considers Tokyo HAMBASTEGI -- "Afghanistan of future examine Musharraf Brahimi, Lakhdar" and Brahimi Lakhdar Afghanistan to representative special UN the examined Tuesday on Musharraf Pervez President Pakistan's .Afghanistan of future political RESALAT -- "intensifies Iraq against propaganda media Western" of most focused Tuesday on networks television BBC and CNN The the in involvement Baghdad's of alleged and Iraq on reports their .S.U the on attacks terror BH/HM End