Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Games Women's Muslim Third of Results were Games Women's Muslim Third week-long The -- IRNA 31, Oct Tehran, 16 from athletes 753 and province, Gilan Rasht, and Tehran in held .competed countries bronze 43 and silver, 56 gold, 77 took Iran of country host The 18 won it as runner-up finished Syria while first ranked and medals Republic to went title third the and bronzes 15 and silvers, 17 golds, .medals bronze 13 and silver, 11 gold, 8 with Azerbaijan of results following the as fields 15 in competed sportswomen The :show :Gymnastics gymnastic the in participated Iraq and Syria, Iran, of teams Three Iran .Complex Sports Shiroudi Shahid in held were that competitions and second stood teams Iraqi and Syrian the and title top the grabbed .respectively third :Volleyball of Republic Sudan, Iran, of teams the clashes, volleyball In the at competed Syria and Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, gold the bagged Syria .Tehran Complex, Sports Azadi of hall volleyball bronze and silver the won Tajikistan and Iran of teams the and medal .respectively medals :Badminton Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, of teams badminton Six Shahid at clashed and attended England and Azerbaijan, of Republic .Complex Sports Shiroudi Shahid Tehran's of gymnasium Afrassiabi runner-up finished Pakistan while gold glittering the snatched Iran .medal bronze the bagged Syria and silver the took and :Futsal Azerbaijan, of Republic Iran, of squads football indoor The Sports Azadi at held matches women's the in played Iraq and England, the and gold the took Iran of team futsal powerful The .Complex Azerbaijan by taken were tournament the of medals bronze and silver .respectively Iraq and :Fencing Iran, were contests fencing the in teams participating The that competitions the In .Iraq and Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, gold another added and first ranked Iran hall, Azadegan in held were Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan of teams two the and asset country's the to .respectively medals bronze and silver the took :Swimming Pakistan and Sudan, Syria, Bangladesh, Iran, of swimmers woman The Sports Azadi of pool the in held event three-day the in fought and second finished Pakistan while Iran was winner gold The .Complex .Syria to went medal bronze and title third the and silver the took :Basketball Azerbaijan of Republic and Tajikistan, Iran, of teams Three Iran .Complex Sports Azadi at held was which event the attended Tajikistan and silver the bagged Azerbaijan medal, gold the snatched .medal bronze the took :Athletics Iran, of athletes the contests, track-and-field women's the In Uganda, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Sudan, Imam Yadegar-e at competed Azerbaijan of Republic and Kyrgyzstan, and Pakistan and medal gold the won Iran .Rasht Complex, Sports .respectively medals bronze and silver the took Uganda :Chess Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Tajikistan, B, Iran A, Iran of teams The .Base Championship Chess Tehran's at clashed Azerbaijan of Republic nd Azeri the while medal coveted most the won and show the stole A Iran .medal bronze the bagged B Iran and silver the took team :Taekwondo of Republic Iran, country, host of players art martial The Shahid the in fought Afghanistan and Tajikistan, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Iran by grabbed was medal gold The .Tehran gymnasium, Kabkanian bronze and silver the took that Afghanistan and Kuwait by followed .respectively medals :Handball Azerbaijan of Republic and Qatar, Iran, of teams handball Three Azerbaijan .Complex Sports Azadi in held tourney the in part took bronze and silver the took Qatar and Iran and medalist gold the was .respectively medals :Tennis Table and Complex Sports Nasr in held were competitions Ping-Pong The of Republic Sudan, Afghanistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Iran, by attended won Syria and Iran, Pakistan, of teams The .Pakistan and Azerbaijan, .respectively medals bronze and silver, gold, the :Shooting and Sudan, Qatar, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, of markswomen The held were that contests the in participated Azerbaijan of Republic title the lifted Iran .Complex Sports Azadi of hall shooting the at Qatar and winner silver the was Azerbaijan while gold the took and .bronze the bagged and third finished :Tennis of Republic and Syria, Sudan, Iran, of players tennis The The .Tehran Club, Esteqlal of courts the on competed Azerbaijan country the for gold another brought and first ranked team Iranian .Azerbaijan and Syria to went medals bronze and silver the and :Karate Azerbaijan, of Republic Tajikistan, Iran, of contestants The .Tehran gymnasium, Kabkanian Shahid the in battled Syria and Iraq, took Azerbaijan and Iran of teams the and gold the snatched Syria .medals bronze and silver the of teams the and Tuesday on ended Games Women's Muslim Third The Iraq, Tajikistan, Uganda, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, medals the in 13th to fourth stood Sudan and Qatar, Afghanistan, .respectively table no winning Guinea and Senegal, Yemen, England, of countries The .table the in teams bottom-placed the were medal KK/HM End