Oct 31, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Friday Tehran in due FM Greek is Papandreou George Minister Foreign Greek -- IRNA 31, Oct Tehran, his with consultations for afternoon Friday here arrive to scheduled the of officials senior other and Kharrazi Kamal counterpart Iranian .Wednesday on announced was it country, Ambassador Greek ,"News Iran" English-Daily with interview an In is visit Papandreou's that said Koujevetopoulos Harlambos Tehran to an includes that countries two the between agreement an on based .ministers foreign greek and Iranian of meeting annual was Papandreou and March last Athens visited Kharrazi said He was visit his but year, this later Tehran to come to planning subsequent the and incident 11 September the to due forward brought .war Afghan officials Iranian with views exchanging at aimed also is visit The he Athens, and Tehran between relations bilateral of expansion the and .added European the of policy the is it that said further ambassador The EU-Iran reinforce to Ministers Foreign of Council its and (EU) Union .relations Mohammad President with meet to scheduled also is FM Greek The Rafsanjani, hashemi Akbar Chairman Council Expediency and Khatami .wrote daily the aid humanitarian sent that countries first the of one is Greece .refugees Afghan the among distributed be to (million one dlrs worth) that Thursday on announced Ministry Foreign Greek the Meanwhile, is he where 1, November on Islamabad visit to due is Papandreou .Musharraf Pervez General President Pakistani with meet to scheduled talks for Tehran for Pakistan leave subsequently will Papandreou .added announcement the officials, Iranian with FS/HM End