Oct 30, 2001, 12:01 AM
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300m dlrs services technical Iran's of exports annual Averages and Housing of Ministry of Director Managing -- IRNA 30, Oct Tehran, Qrachedaqi Ebrahim Department Affairs International Development Urban engineering of exports annual average Iran's that Tuesday here said .million 300 dlrs around is services technical and million 700 dlrs dlrs top to expected is figure the that added He Plan Development Five-Year Third the of course the in .(2005 2000-March March) beginning that added he industry, housing on seminar a at Speaking 400 dlrs about ,(21 march stated) year Iranian the of half first .services technical and engineering of exports from earned was million one dlrs below was companies Iranian by exports the that added He .1994-1999 between billion trade services technical and engineering total the said He than less is share Iran's which of billion, 1,500 dlrs is world-wide .percent one dlrs over have rivals Iran's as added, he Korea, South and Turkey .each services technical and engineering of exports billion three to capability technical the has Iran when time the at This Qarachedaqi funds, of shortage by handicapped is but competitive, be .underlined by shortage cash the tackle to firms Iranian on called also He said, he organization, This .consortium a up starting and organizing . sector the in active firms the for benefits tax have also may Housing of Minister seminar same the in speaking Tuesday Earlier years 30 is Iran that said Abdol-Alizadeh Ali Development Urban and .technology construction housing to comes it when world the behind of because is it but government the to due not is lag This the to according out carried still is construction building .stated he style, traditional adequate paid been not has development cluster that added He in housing in technology up-to-date hindered has this and attention .past the markets, international in participate to need the for issue the On the in red-tape bureaucratic reduced has Iran currently, that added he which institutions export-based needs country the and sector housing .market international the in foothold a gain to it enables such hampers support and structure design, inadequate said He higher lot a is field that in capacity domestic that adding exports, engineering and technical of export actual of level the than .services NB/HR End