Oct 30, 2001, 12:01 AM
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conflict Afghan to parties all with needed Negotiations :MP Mohsen Majlis the of Speaker Vice Second -- IRNA 30, Oct Tehran, the to parties the all with negotiations that Tuesday here said Armin .necessary but useful only not is conflict regional special of member a Armin, ,.S.U the with dialogue On IRNA told Afghanistan, in developments on commission parliamentary diplomatic establishing at aimed dialogue namely, issues, two the that crisis, Afghanistan the in parties the all to talking and ties interests, national safeguarding of aim the with ,.S.U the including .separately considered be to have the against all are members commission the know, I as far ''As to order in dialogue a into entering meaning proposition, first situation,'' current the in specially ,.S.U the with ties establish .underlined Tehran from MP the and active an that maintain members the that say, to on went He the against interests national safeguarding and diplomacy vibrant conflict the in parties the all with dialogue demands threats current .manner planned and clear a in contact of level' certain 'a maintain to needs Iran that said He and defined in incorporated be can which Taliban and .S.U the with .meetings of types other or unilateral in propositions clear issues in before existed have contact of types these said Armin .crisis Afghan the in applied be also should and can it and ''I and length at commission the in discussed were matters These ''.them on agreement in were members all that know Heydar Commission the for Spokesman Sunday, on Earlier as Khatami Mohammad President quoted Sunday here Ebrahimbay-Salami are that meetings the in involved actively be can Majlis that saying government whenever Afghanistan in developments review to held .part take cannot and obligations other have representatives to Sunday on Khatami President met commission the of members The organs related of supervision and issues regional on policies review .issue Afghan the with dealing has commission the by made review the that reporters told He all with consultations and dialogue start to needs Iran that concluded .S.U the including conflict Afghan the to parties Iran that presumptions the solidifies only Development Regional position, geo-strategic and geo-political undeniable and enormous has current the in position weak a in is Iran if asked when responded he .S.U the with dialogue a begin to situation is role Iran's that adding said he Iran, need Europe and .S.U The .borders its of control complete has it and region the in exceptional .position' weak a in not are we 'therefore military .S.U the vis-a-vis neutrality declared has Iran Although the regarding passive remained not has it Afghanistan, on attack by made statements in evident been has as people Afghans the of plight .underlined he president, the and leader the ``Unlike adding, said he ''.S.U the to surrender not did ``We unlike and clashes religious and ethnic have not does Iran Pakistan, unlike Iran, .waters international on borders has Iran Afghanistan, international and regional in weight carries countries, Asian Central ''.developments is mind in have we which dialogue ``The say, to on went He reason The .S.U the with relations diplomatic resuming from different the in prevailing crisis the to due is America with dialog a for .remarked he interest,'' national our safeguarding and region of danger the on cautioned also Rashtkhar and Khaf from MP The ``security adding, Afghanistan, of future the in role Iran's ignoring ''.assured be should border eastern our of sought not has Iran while, that stressed also Ebrahimbay-Salami should we interest, national our secure to order ''In ,.S.U the out have not did Chinese The .limitations diplomatic up conjure not in was ambassador their but decades, two for .S.U the with relations ''.time this during Americans the with touch constant commission the of those are positions these that stressed also He .government the not and up break to proposal a forth put have Britain and S.U that said He .it' against are we `but lines, tribal and ethnic on Afghanistan that adding contacts, boosted have Iran's and .S.U the said He met has and Washington to gone has .N.U the to ambassador Iranian requested have They .representatives and senators .S.U several with .stated he representatives, Iranian of some meeting NB/AH End