Oct 30, 2001, 12:01 AM
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technology construction housing in years 30 lags Iran :Minister Ali Development Urban and Housing of Minister -- IRNA 30, Oct Tehran, the behind years 30 is Iran that Tuesday here said Abdol-Alizadeh .technology construction housing to comes it when world of because is it but government the to due not is lag This .stated he style, traditional to according construction cluster that added he Tehran, in seminar housing a at Speaking hindered has this and attention adequate paid been not has development .past the in housing in technology up-to-date in yardstick important an as houses of life useful the cited He average the Iran, ''In adding capabilities, sector's the assessing in years 137 to compared as years 7.29 is life useful units housing ''.Austria 80 and East Middle the of parts other in years 27-33 is figure The .said Abdol-Alizadeh Europe, in housing million 12 the years, 75 to extended is life useful the If .stated he needs, sector the accommodate will country the in units participate to building institution for need the for issue the On reduced has Iran currently, that added he markets, international in needs country the and sector housing the in red-tape bureaucratic the in foothold a gain to it enables which institutions export-based .market international said he exports, service and engineering Iran's of weakness the On adding exports, such hampers support and structure design, of lack goals its achieved not has Iran capabilities, adequate the given that .market this in International Permanent Tehran's at held is which exhibition The Machinery International First the of sidelines the at and Fairgrounds .Wednesday on end will Exhibition, Material Construction and should sector private that said Abdol-Alizadeh month, this Earlier be should government the while sector housing the in invest .supervision out carrying and polices formulating with responsible he Iran, in development housing of seminar 8th the at Speaking to opposed as projects cluster favor generally policies housing said in followed actively is policy this that adding dwellings, individual .world the million 398.1 for called plan sector housing the that said He were million 231.1 which of 1997-2000, period the in units housing .targets quantitative its of percent 87 about achieving constructed Development Urban and Housing of Minister Deputy Meanwhile, annual average the that month this earlier said Darvishzadeh Fereydoun when time a at percent 1.18 around been have prices housing of rise .annually percent 8.24 about averaged has inflation have prices housing that added he seminar, the at speaking Also whole, the on but, booms, economic of times at dramatically risen .rate inflation the than less increased have they Housing National of Director Managing also is who Darvishzadeh, an Revolution Islamic the following that added Organization, Land and both in annually constructed were units housing 460,000 of average dropped has index density housing result, a As .areas rural and urban .said he later, decades two 15.1 to 1977 in 27.1 from constructed be will units housing 3,111,400 that estimated also He (2005 2000-March March) Plan Development Five-Year Third the the in .plan the of end the by 12.1 to index density the lower will which issuance include review under are which projects two that said He mortgage secondary a setting-up and bonds construction re-sale of country's the efficient more make and stabilize to aiming market .market housing NB/AH End