Oct 30, 2001, 12:01 AM
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states littoral Gulf Persian to water transfer to Iran Maroun from water transfer to project The -- IRNA 30, Oct City, Kuwait Gulf Persian the to Khuzestan of province southern Iran's in Dam of number a by jointly operation into put be to due is states littoral .companies international group, Al-Qatami global the of directors of board the to member A in is Company Japanese A" Tuesday, here IRNA told al-Qatami, Khaled the commissioning of phases different the assessing of charge ".project the in Sazandegi Jahad Iran's of cooperation the to Referring to pipeline 300-km a install to aims it that added al-Qatami project, it pipe and coasts southern Iran's to dam Maroun from water transfer .destination final the to Bank, Development Islamic the with discussion some that noted He to underway currently is companies international and investors Kuwaiti .guarantees financial and executive secure into put be will installations basic entire The" said, He ".billion two dlrs .S.U of cost estimated an at project a as operation the into flows reserves water Iran's of half over that added He benefit financial to addition in implemented, is project the once and .prevented be also will damages natural jobs, new creating and to kms 19 located is which dam, earth Maroun high 165-meter The .1999 May in operation into put was Behbahan, of northeast the one over saves engineers, Iranian by constructed dam, Maroun long the of slopes the down flowing water the of meters cubic billion .river Maroun water transferring at aimed project another of assessment the Also by underway currently Kuwait to province Khuzestan in dam Karkheh from is Water and Electricity of Ministry Kuwait's of experts the .stages final its approaching 330-km a drawing by operation into put be will project latter The of coast the and dam Karkheh between diameter in meters 7.2 pipeline Persian of waters the into extend further will it while Gulf, Persian .diameter in meters 4.1 pipeline 210-km a with Gulf water drinking of gallons million 210 transferring at aimed is It .day per Kuwait to Iran from Electricity of Ministry Kuwait's of release news the to According the on report final the complete, is assessment expert once Water, and .cabinet Kuwait's to presented be will project MP/AH End