Oct 30, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:11-TOSE'E million 467 dlrs tops revenue export +Petrochemical of tons 2,099,000 exported (NPC) Company Petrochemical National starting) year the of half first the in products petrochemical its .million 467 dlrs country the earning ,(21 March - - - - :12-QODS to rise to corridor north-south through revenues transit +Iran's billion one dlrs ground the prepare would (MJF) Foundation Janbazan and Mostazafan with coasts sea Caspian the in port Amirabad of connection for of renovation and expansion to contributed it if corridor north-south an play reportedly would port Amirabad of Activation .port the raise and corridor north-south the activating in role important .year a dollars billion one to revenues transit Iran's - - - - :13-ABRAR amended be to Plan Development Economic Five-Year +Third affairs economic for Finance and Economy of Minister Deputy Plan Development Economic Five-Year Third the said Shirakvand .time of needs the with tune in formulated been has (2000-2005) .it abandoning mean not does change the that however said He - - - - :ROUZ 14-SIASAT-E off written be to government to exporters of +Debts Mohammad-Reza Cooperatives of Chamber the of General Secretary Supreme the of approval new the per that Kermanshah in said Ramezani to 1994 years the in goods of exporters all of debts Council Exports .off written been has 1999 - - - - :15-KAYHAN rice domestic purchase oats, import to agrees +Government the upon imported be to are oats of tons 500,000 year, This Management the of Department Relations Public .cabinet the of approval commissions approval cabinet the said (MPO) Organization Planning and for credit of letters necessary open to (CBI) Iran of Bank Central the .purpose the - - - - :16-ETTELA'AT development industrial for need urgent stresses +President rapid stressed Monday on here Khatami Mohammad President job raise to industries country's the of renovation and reconstruction .industry in growth promote and opportunities governor the and Qazvin from MPs of group a told Khatami President the facing problems pressing the of one that province the of general .development industrial of lack the is today country - - - - :DAILY 17-IRAN targets bigger at looking +IRIR through exported were cargoes of tons million 27.1 than More Iranian current the of months seven first the during transport rail corresponding the to compared percent 12 up ,(20 March starting) year Railways Iran of Republic Islamic the year, preceding the period .Monday on said Qotbi Hormoz Operation, for Deputy (IRIR) 6th the of organizers the by released report a on Based Sarakhs-Mashhad the said he Transport, Rail on Conference National foreign in million 120 dlrs country the earned has track railway .1996 in inception its since exchange - - - - jewelry exports +Isfahan Isfahan of province central the of department customs The during rials million 867 at valued jewelry, of kilograms 71 cleared .(21 March started) year Iranian current the of half first the - - - - :NEWS 18-IRAN rate forex constant highlights +Economist constant for called has Mojtahed Ahmad Dr expert economic Senior dollar of exchange to help can rate constant a saying, rate, forex .rial to out work to help can rials 7,900 with dollar trading me, ``To Iran told Mojtahed rials,'' to petrodollars exchanging for formula a .interview an in News - - - - :TIMES 19-TEHRAN planned railway Ardebil-Mianeh of +Construction Hamid Seyyed Province, Ardebil of Governor the Saturday, On Ardebil-Mianeh the of construction planned the announced Tahaee, would railroad this of establishment the that said He .railway .relations regional of increase the in result - - - - :INTERNATIONAL 20-KAYHAN abroad marketed materials +Construction Monday here said Jahangiri Eshaq Minister Mines and Industries are products sector's construction the of percent 15 to 10 that three of ceremony opening the told Jahangiri .abroad marketed and qualitative that fairs international and specialized has products sector's construction the of growth quantitative .markets international the on products its put to Iran enabled BG/RR End