Oct 30, 2001, 12:01 AM
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future Afghan discuss Musharraf envoy, .N.U General's Secretary Nations United The -- IRNA 30, Oct Islamabad, Tuesday on Brahimi Lakhdar Afghanistan on Representative Special on views exchanged and Musharraf Pervez General President on called process peace Afghan in .N.U the of role the as well as situation the .Afghanistan of reconstruction and of importance the stressed President the meeting, the During military the with side by side motion in set be to process political .process rehabilitation and reconstruction by followed be to operation territorial unity, the that emphasized Musharraf Pervez General and ensured be must Afghanistan in peace and stability integrity, .broad-based be should Afghanistan in dispensation political and ethnic multi the account into take also must it said He political the said He .Afghanistan of composition demographic and process indigenous through at arrived be should dispensation .outside from imposed be not should major a plan to need the emphasized also president The bring to possible as fast as Afghanistan for effort rehabilitation .country the in normalcy water on focus should effort rehabilitation the said president The the of base agriculture that so development land and management to return refugees Afghan the help and developed be could country on concentrated be also must efforts said He .homes their .work construction of initiation and infrastructure of rehabilitation inside UNHCR the through effort humanitarian the said He .reinforced further be to needed Afghanistan Pakistan's for appreciation his expressed Brahimi Lakhdar .Mr to need was there that agreed He .process peace .N.U to support comprehensive a of preparation and process political the accelerate donors the which for Afghanistan of reconstruction the for program .commitments made have also Lubbers Ruud .Mr Refugees for Commissioner High .N.U The these During .today minister foreign the and president the on called adequate ensure to how and views of exchange in-depth meetings means and ways and Afghans displaced the for assistance humanitarian were Afghanistan inside Afghans the to assistance provide to .discussed that Refugees for Commissioner High .N.U the to emphasized was It to Afghanistan inside assistance immediate provide to necessary was it inside camps of up setting the for and there catastrophe human a avert easily, assistance them provide to easier be would it as Afghanistan .said statement official an TK/MMZ/AH End