Oct 30, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Tuesday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 30, Oct Tehran, :Tuesday on dailies Iranian in highlighted :1-IRAN foreign for support and of attraction on law passes +Majlis investment on bill the re-examined Monday on session open its in Majlis the to back referred already investment, for support and of attraction amendments passed and ,(GC) Council Guardians the by body legislative .law the to singles and nationals foreign by investment allows law revised The make to allowed group the from abroad residing Iranians out .investment - - - - range price change to plan no has OPEC says +Zanganeh the that Monday on here said Zanganeh Namdar Bijan Minister Oil target (22-28 dlrs) the change to proposal no made have members OPEC .prices Oil, on Conference Eleventh the of ceremony inaugural the told He Exporting Petroleum of Organization the that Petrochemicals, and Gas Vienna in countries non-OPEC from experts hosting is (OPEC) Countries for proposals forward put and situation market the study to yesterday .prices oil crude the of stability - - - - :2-KAR-O-KARGAR Iran in anthrax of trace +No to mailed been yet has anthrax containing of suspected letter No Public the to according Company, Post Iran's of Republic Islamic the (PTT) Telephone and Telegraph Post, the at Department Relations .Ministry - - - - :3-HAMSHAHRI week next law taxation direct to amendment examine to +Majlis Daily Farsi told has Nadimi Iraj (Province Gilan) Lahijan from MP direct on law the to amendment on bill the once that `Hamshahri' .products final on levied be would taxes approved, is taxation - - - - :4-RESALAT Dhahran Arabia's Saudi in part take companies Iranian +15 exhibition detergents, foodstuffs, put to are companies Iranian 15 on honey and Chinawares carpets, luxuries, handicrafts, appliances home international Dhahran second the at show .part take will countries 12 where exhibition, - - - - :5-AFARINESH in role sector's Industries :Minister Mines and +Industries undesirable economy national share the said has Jahangiri Eshaq Minister Mines and Industries percent, 10 about is exports of amount total in sector industries of .states neighboring in percent 90 to 50 is figure the while - - - - :NOW 6-HAYAT-E imports cigarette on duties +Lifting cigarette exempt to government proposed has Ministry Commerce duty from imports - - - - :7-HAMBASTEGI changed be to budget year next on information of +Dissemination Management the and Majlis between reached agreement an on Based for adopted be will method new a (MPO) Organization Planning and .budget year's next on information of dissemination - - - - :Edalat 8-SEDA-Y-E no sustains freighter, Russian with collides tanker oil +Iranian damage Russian a with collided morning Monday tanker oil Iranian An .province Galicia the in coast Spanish the off ship freight Iranian the that Monday reported agency news Efe Spanish The 30 some Varaksin' 'Fedor Russian the with collided Nesa' 'Iran flagged .details the giving without Spain, of coast northwest the off miles - - - - :9-JAVAN budget year next threatens rate forex parity single over +Dispute forex parity single over dispute the if that believe Economists formulating in problems new face would government solved not is rate .budget year next - - - - :10-NOROUZ disasters natural for allocated billion 47 +Rls for billion 2.47 rls of allocation ratified has cabinet The .disasters natural by hit regions of renovation and reconstruction BG/RR More