Oct 30, 2001, 12:01 AM
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terrorism on confab international for call M'sia's endorses Iran Kamal Minister Foreign Iranian Visiting -- IRNA 30, Oct Lumpur, Kuala Prime Malaysian by suggestion a endorsed Tuesday here Kharrazi on conference international an hold to Mohamad Mahathir Minister .Nations United the of auspices the under terrorism meeting after IRNA told he "yet, fixed been has frame time No" .Ismail Zahir Mohammed parliament, of speaker Malaysia's Malaysian his and Mahathir Dr with talks held Kharrazi Dr Earlier, .Albar Hamid Syed counterpart of future the on views their in agreed Iran and Malaysia said He aspects many in and talks good very...had have We" .Afghanistan "government, Afghan new a of creation the on position common a (share) .said he in government future any that agreed Iran and Malaysia said He deliver and people Afghan the of will the reflect" should Afghanistan ".freedom for perspective a population Afghan the a on is morning, Tuesday on here arrived who Kharrazi, on emphasis with stability, promoting at aimed tour Asian three-nation the among ground common the bolster to and Afghanistan both crisis the at terrorism against campaign the with ahead go to nations Asian .Nations United the of auspices the under levels global and regional .Japan and Indonesia to him take also will tour The in situation the saw Mahathir Dr how Kharrazi Dr asked IRNA the on views Mahathir's Dr that said minister Foreign the Afghanistan, vision good has He" .Iran's as same the is Afghanistan in situation the well as situation the with deal to how and future the about .Kharrazi said "Afghanistan, in problem the the solution the and terrorism on view similar share Malaysia and Iran said He .with dealt be to has matter the which in manner resolved, be to has problem the of root the that believe We" .said he "terrorism, with dealing superficial of instead to threatened action military that warned Iran and Malaysia .countries Muslim of anger the provoke stop necessarily not will...operations These" :said Kharrazi Dr the among victims causing are they hand other the on but terrorism, opinion public on impact negative a have to threatens that population .world Muslim the of anger the stoke and and just a establish to is crisis the of solutions the of One" Kharrazi "link, a is there because East, Middle the in peace lasting .said Islamic by submitted been has proposal what IRNA by Asked :said he crisis, Afghanistan the on Nations United the to countries Six and Nations United the with touch in are we part (Iran) our On" .Afghanistan of government future the about think to Group Two Plus in also are we and government broad-based a be to has There" .settled be can problem the how see to capitals other with contact Palestine, in event the is terrorism of cause root the course, Of" -- Palestinians the toward behaving been have Israelis the way the sense created have they -- bombing the and beating the brutality, the adding, said, Kharrazi Dr "them, among despair and grievances of can crisis East Middle the terrorism, of problem the tackle to Thus," Israeli Palestine, the to right full giving by resolved be only ".occupied has it lands Palestinian the from withdrawal his said Kharrazi Dr Zahir, Mohammed Speaker with meeting his On bilateral concerning issues broad covered Zahir Mohammed with talks current the and world Islamic on countries, two between relations .Afghanistan in development have we and good are Iran and Malaysia between Relations" :said He they countries, two our in group friendships and parliamentary up set .visits exchange and regularly meeting will very play can and countries democratic two are Iran and Malaysia" solution find and democracy promote to world Islamic in role important .stressed he "problems, to countries' two the between cooperation close praising In relations that happy was he that IRNA told Zahir Mohammed Parliaments, .tremendously improved have countries two the between in and positive as Malaysia to Kharrazi Dr of visit the termed He .ties bilateral of strengthening with line world Islamic the for moment right the was this said speaker The can they way that only `and knowledge, technical acquire to unite, to .nations' other of respect win and strong become defend and other each help to able be than will world Muslim The" .explained he "themselves, all in terrorism condemn strongly Iran and Malaysia both said He be should phenomenon the of causes root the that believing forms, .stemmed and identified .evening Tuesday late on Indonesia for leave will Kharrazi BN/AH End