Oct 30, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA major of headlines main the are Following -- IRNA 30, Oct Tehran, :Tuesday on dailies Tehran NEWS IRAN -- "Afghanistan on strikes .S.U of cessation for calls Khatami" putting for need the underlined has Khatami Mohammad President uprooting and Afghanistan on attacks .S.U ongoing the to end an and Nations United the of aegis he under world the in terrorism reported agency news IRNA state the consensus, international through .Monday INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "York New in Assembly General UN attend to Khatami" UN month's next attend will Khatami Mohammad President Iranian among dialogue" promote to York New in meeting Assembly General .Monday said parliamentarian a ,"civilizations TIMES TEHRAN -- "Pakistan in possibility Coup" possible a for preparing is unit military American elite An arsenal, weapons nuclear its steal to order in Pakistan into incursion .Tuesday report a said HAMSHAHRI -- "country the into investment Iranians' of entry for paved Road" the on bill the re-examined Monday on parliament Iran's the to back sent already investment, for support and of attraction amendments passed and Council, Guardian oversight the by legislative .law the the to JAVAN -- "war Afghan the in weapons chemical of Use" Monday on States United the accused Taliban ruling Afghanistan's uranium depleted feared they added and weapons chemical using of .fired being also were shells IRAN -- "Mideast in array political changing for efforts Global" Middle the in array political the changing for efforts Global the to politicians of tours repeated with phase new a entered has East .countries effective most NOROUZ -- "protests to leads demands people's to Inattention" a issued has Front Participation Iran Islamic mainstream The .matches soccer following riots, recent on communique TOSS'E -- "Iran in seen package suspicious No" that said has Telephone and Telegraph Post, of Ministry Iran's containing packages, suspicious of entry the on reports no had there .country the into virus, anthrax YAZD AFTAB-E -- "week next held be to trial Afshari's Ali" in jailed Afshari, Ali leader student for trial court A other of set a and conference Berlin controversial a with connection has Afshari Naqi father his 7, November on held be will charges, .said ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "president of criticism IIPF's" Mohammad Front, Participation Iran Islamic the of head The the using for Khatami Mohammad President criticized has Naimi-Pour soccer after riots recent the to reference his in "hooligan" word .matches ABRAR -- "ratification SNSC's against is America with Compromise" any that said Monday Hashemi-Shahroudi Mahmoud chief Judiciary of ratification the against is States United the with compromise his that warned and (SNSC) Council Security National Supreme the .rules those of violators with deal would office QODS -- "Iraq on attack for readying America" Afghanistan on Britain and .S.U the of attacks repeated While some results, satisfying and tangible bear to far so failed has .Iraq against making the in are attacks other that indicate evidences AFARINESH -- "Musharraf Pervez awaiting days Hard" threats the and reality to come has nightmare general's Finally Islamabad :large loom before demonstrations to limited only were which .war civil large-scale a of brink the on is BH/AR End