Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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airspace Iranian entering helicopters .S.U on rumors rejects Iran Kordestan with official An -- IRA 29, Oct ,.prov Kordestan Sanandaj, denied Nassrollah-Zadeh Bahram office General Governor province Iranian the entered had helicopters .S.U two that claims Monday here .space air such any confirm not did up follow subsequent that IRNA told He .assertions military to due circulated were rumors the said official The military American of presence the and Iraq against .S.U the by threats .opinion public disturb to is aim the ading Iraq, northern the in in ripe been have rumors week, last of middle the in Starting .territory Iranian the into strode have helicopters two that Kordestan duration transgression, of time the of mention no been has There .path flight or State of Secretary .S.U rejected Thursday last Iran Meanwhile, offered had Republic Islamic the that statements Powell's Colin .Afghanistan on attack its in Washington to assistance to Iran of Republic Islamic the by made been has offer No" .said Asefi Hamidreza Spokesman Ministry Foreign "America, the by made request, a to responded only had Tehran Instead, Islamic the for embassy, Swiss the through government American landing forced or crash a of cases in troops .S.U to help Republic's .said he territory, Iranian the on to according act would Iran that response in announced was It" .added Asefi "conventions, and regulations international diplomatic through said had Iran that said has Powell to ready and perform to willing be would" it that back-channels they should troops .S.U for "missions rescue and search perform .said he operations, ground in it require "operations, ground of issue the on word no been has There" .said Asefi of Republic Islamic the reiterated, repeatedly been has it As" since unacceptable, Afghanistan in operations military considers Iran of destruction further and people innocent of killing the to lead they .said official Iranian the "country, that NB/JB End