Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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ICWSF of director as re-elected Hashemi Faezeh Countries Islamic the of Director The -- IRNA 29, Oct Tehran, been has Hashemi, Faezeh ,(ICWSF) Federation Sports Women's .term four-year another for re-elected Tehran at held federation, the of assembly general 8th the At attendants the Sunday, on Complex Sports Azadi of Hotel Olympic .voting of instead applauding by just unanimously her re-elected the on takes federation, the of founder as Hashemi, Faezeh .term consecutive third the for position assembly, the during held were elections other certain Also, federation's the as Qatar from al-Hatmi Mohammad Ali Aniseh including the as Sudan from Abol-Qasem Khadijeh Asia, in director deputy as Britain from Varsi Ahmad Africa, in director deputy federation's .countries non-Islamic in director deputy federation's the its and Iran in located is secretariat federation's the Since from Hadavi Farideh Iran, in reside also should secretary-general .position the to assigned was Iran the in secretary-general federation's the was Taherian Tahereh .term second the in her replaced Rasouli Mandana while term, first round fourth the host to volunteer the as introduced was Qatar finalization the until Therefore, .negotiations after games the of host current the from Navabi-Nejad Shokouh country, host the of .director deputy temporary the as appointed was (Iran) country unanimously elected committees five federation's the of Heads (Sport) Iran; from Qasemi Soheila Committee, Technical :include Development Sport Oman; from al-Khorousi Vahid Committee, Medical Committee, Financial Syria; from Alamir Abdol-Fattah Committee, 5-7 have will committees five the of Each .Iran from Neisian Farideh .later elected be will who members MP/JB End