Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Khatami President by opened be to Center Control Air 'Sina' affiliated (SACC) Center Control Air 'Sina' -- IRNA 29, Oct Tehran, opened be to due is (CAO) Iran of Organization Aviation Civil the to boosting of aim the with 31, October on Khatami Mohammad President by .safety and control flight radar ten and center control flight a comprising project The and foreign by completed been has years, four for underway stations an with standards international to according experts national .billion 50 rls of credit approximate Control Air 'Sina' once CAO, by released report the to According Republic Islamic the over space vast the operation, into put is Center .sections operational 17 into classified be will Iran of two plus project said the of radars ten that added report The not will airports Shiraz and Mehrabad international the at radars factor, safety flight the boosting considerably to contribute only besides space air Iran's over flight of capacity the double will but .service radar rendering be will it ACC, Sina at processed get data radar the Once .airports national 16 to transmitted to facilities monitoring complete with equipped is ACC Sina related the while computers and systems electronic the control of supervision and maintenance repairs, of charge take will personnel .equipment entire the in experts foreign for need no is there time-ever, first the For .supervision and maintenance repair, the region East Middle in those over ACC Sina of advantage unique The capable system supervision and control satellite of use the is air international across services air needed the providing of to according countries of space air the over directly crossing routes .regulations latest the the and pilots between exchanged data entire the Recording establishing and system, support emergency centers, control air 18 via airports and planes flying the between communication vocal .ACC Sina of features other among are stations radio Iran's of name the after Sina titled been has project The .Sina Ali Abou Sheikh scholar, globally-known prominent MP/RR End