Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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crisis Afghan in parties with dialogue have to needs Iran :MP Front Participation Iran Islamic of Head -- IRNA 29, Oct Tehran, to order in that Monday here said Naiemipour Mohammad Majlis in (IIPF) in or terrorism combating as such issues on interests its safeguard the to parties with dialogue a begin should Iran Afghanistan, .conflict told board, presiding Majlis of member a also is who Naiemipour, with dialogue direct in sensitivities some is there although reporters and views our convey to ways other are there think ''We ,.S.U the .conflict the to party a as Americans the to ideas to program own their pursue may who middlemen let not should ''We in participating that adding said, he dialogue,'' such into enter tackle to strategy best the is groups 6+2 the and fora international .Afghanistan in conflict the public,'' the from hidden being issue some in believe not do ''I people that such be should dissemination information adding, said, he .media foreign to opposed as press domestic from news get so-called the even and prioritized be should issues However, issues some keep may that policies such follow countries democratic diplomacy secret if asked when said Tehran from MP the confidential, .conducted been has confidential that dictate interests national our and ``Expediency secret been not have there course, Of .such as kept be should issues .underlined Naiemipour ,''.S.U the with talks that said he disturbances, football-related recent of issue the On public destroy who Individuals .committed be not should acts illegal they proof, adequate is there if and offenses committed have property .law the to according with dealt be should as behavior football-related such characterized also He .politicized be not should issue the that adding `non-political', to reference Khatami's Mohammad President regretted he However, existing realized he ''If adding, 'hooligans' as individuals the ''.term a such used have not would he sensitivities to IIPF the of members some select will front the that said He the in up come that bills on (GC) Council Guardians the with consult .Majlis that bills those on GC the with understanding better have ``To consulting begun already have we legally, clarified be to need may .said he body,'' the with the that so GC, the with problems resolving on keen is Majlis The .noted he Council, Expediency the to referred be not will bills and Shakuri-Rad Ali Parliament of Members two month this Earlier take to Ministry Foreign Iranian the advised Barzegar Gholamhossein the in assets Iranian of release the seek to opportunity current the .S.U United the that Agency News Students Iranian the told Shakuri-Rad an and Afghanistan in war scale full a in involved is States .Iran and States United the for both created been has opportunity a adopt to is do can Ministry Foreign Iran's that least The assets Iranian frozen the of release the attain help to policy dynamic with ties of resumption a for work can Washington while S.U the in .Iran in action military .S.U the about reservations has Iran Though the of exploitation an and disproportionate it regards and Afghanistan the action, retaliatory than rather attacks terrorist 11 September in war full-scale in involved is .S.U the that remains fact .Afghanistan Islamic the of Council Central the of member is who Shakuri-Rad choice our make should ``We said, ,(IIPF) Front Participation Iran don't we Taliban, the recognize don't We .Taliban and .S.U the between don't we although .S.U the recognize we but, either, it with ties have .with relations have remain cannot we neighbor, Afghanistan's are we ``Since the if example, For .country that in on going what's about indifferent undergo would Iran long-run, the on Afghanistan, in base a up set .S.U he consider,'' should we which balance strategic the in burden new a .said national on commission parliamentary the of member a Barzegar, taking is event significant that said affairs foreign and security concession get to acting is Pakistan .neighborhood Iran's in place have would Ministry Foreign Iranian the so States, United the from .better done .didn't we but ,.S.U the from concession got have would ``We one no but, States, United the in frozen been have assets Iranian ,''.S.U the with relations not have we because that about talks .said Barzegar to want don't we if interests, national about think should ``We .said he development,'' international in behind lag since Iran on losses heavy inflicted Taliban that out pointed He .trafficking drug and cultivation poppy promoting by 1996 NB/AH End