Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Monday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 29, Oct Tehran, :Monday on dailies Iranian in highlighted :EQTESADI 1-ABRAR-E foreign on law New :Iran in Company Shell of Director +Managing further needs still but conditions improved has Iran in investment changes said has Winner Robert Iran in Company Shell of Director Managing long-term make investment make to intending companies the since that He .problems create and program their upset laws in changes plans, foreign for ground the paved has Law Investment Foreign Iran's said .investment - - - :2-IRAN sector service ports Iran's in invest to ready companies +European said has Delgoshaie Company Bar-Andaz Bonyad of Director Managing Organizations, Shipping and Port Iran's with agreement of case in port Iran's in invest to ready be would companies European reputable .sector services - - - - :3-AFARINESH tons 6,669,000 to increases output +NPC's has (NPC) Company Petrochemical National of capacity Production Iranian current the of months six first the in tons 6,669,000 reached the to compared increase percent 15 showing ,(21 March started) year .before year the period same the for output - - - - :YAZD 4-AFTAB-E by passed zone economic special of establishment on +Bill government President by over presided meeting, Sunday its in cabinet The economic special of establishment on bill a on voted Khatami, MOhammad .zones - - - - :5-ENTEKHAB restraint of policy following OPEC :expert energy +Senior conditions present under restraint of policy a following is OPEC decreasing by crisis control to attempting and market oil world the in real assess to wants now OPEC that said Quran Nersi Expert .prices oil theoretical by influenced be to not and run long the in demand market .factors - - - - :NOW 6-HAYAT-E times ten up Iran in damage +Flood and rivers protection of charge in Department the of Director statistics, on based said has Sahebqarani Bahram waters territorial Azerbaijan East northwestern in floods of cases 180 been had there has Iran in damage flood said He .period 1926-1996 the in province .decade a in times 10 by increased - - - - :ROUZ 7-SIASAT-E 7,900 rls to 6,900 rls be to range rate parity dollar +Proposed not has government the says minister finance and economy Deputy a establishing for procedure the on agreement an reached yet .rate parity forex single-tier - - - - :EDALAT 8-SEDA-Y-E participation without open to Fair Audio-Visual +International companies major of in held be to is Exhibition Audio-Visual International Second The and Iran from companies 60 with 3 November to 31 October from Tehran Seyed exhibition the of Director .participating countries other 13 to are companies foreign 20 and Iranian 40 of total a said Etedali Ali .exhibition the at products their present - - - - :9-HAMBASTEGI all by Iran in investment for prepared Grounds :+President countries John Minister Foreign Canadian told Khatami Mohammad President for Iran in prepared been have grounds that Sunday on Tehran in Manley .countries all by Iran in investment and activities - - - - :ESLAMI 10-JOMHOURI stable ports Gulf Persian in berthing and shipping for +Operations Delgoshaie Mojtaba Company Bar-Andaz Bonyad of Director Managing and Gulf Persian the in states western of navies of presence said has commercial by berthing of number the affected not have sea Oman .vessels - - - - :11-KAR-O-KARGAR insurance by covered centers production seafood of percent +20 20 said Salehi Organization Fisheries Iran's of head Acting insurance provided been have centers production seafood of percent .sector agricultural the in products insuring promote to coverage - - - - :12-ABRAR fever Congo with afflicted cattle +Iran's has Charkhkar Saeed Organization Veterinary the of Head Deputy showing positive, proved cattle Iran's of percent two on tests said .disease fever congo with afflicted are they - - - - :13-HAMSHAHRI subsidized tea +Exported 20 to equal subsidy pay to agreed have members Council Economy .tea exported of value the of percent - - - - :14-KAYHAN MoU ink Qom in Zone Free Salafchegan and Zone Free +Kuwait and Qom in Zone Economic Special Salafchegan of Representatives at imports and exports of development for center international the for Understanding of Memorandum a inked zone trade free Kuwaiti .goods imported and exported for fair permanent up setting - - - - :15-ETTELA'AT credit bn 53,000 rls at year last implemented projects +9,000 Organization Planning and Management the at Department Technical implemented were projects development 1,921 that announced has (MPO) .credit in billion 53,000 rls under year last - - - - :DAILY 16-IRAN March in opens center water +Regional start will Management Water Urban for Center Regional The Nation United the with cooperation in March by Iran in operations Deputy ,(UNESCO) Organization Scientific and Cultural Educational, on IRNA told Ardakanian Reza Affairs Water for Minister Energy .Saturday - - - - :NEWS 17-IRAN year this minerals of tons 5m.1 over exports +Kurdestan (Iran of west) Province Kurdestan in offices customs Various billion 39.3 at valued minerals, of tons 1,593,000 some exported started) year Iranian current the of half first the during rials, department mines and industries provincial the of head ,(21 March .Sunday on Tehran in IRNA told Hashemi Abdolfattah BG/AH End