Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan to aid humanitarian of consignment first sends Iran its sent Monday here Iran -- IRNA 29, Oct ,.Prov Khorassan Mashhad, close under Afghanistan to aid humanitarian of consignment first here official health local a announced officials, .N.U of supervision .Monday province northeastern Iran's in Society Crescent Red the of Head 11 some of consisted consignment the said Anni Yunes Khorassan of tons 100 weighing blankets and medicine foodstuff, of loads truck .Herat of city northwestern Afghanistan's for destined direct the under loaded and packed was consignment the said Anni High Nations' United the from representatives of supervision the accompanying be will who (UNHCR) Refugees for Commissioner .Dougharoun of city border eastern Iran's to consignment the accompany would workers aid Iranian 20 some and he said He first the as package, relief the distribute to Herat to consignment -led.S.U the of outbreak the since Afghanistan enter to group foreign .country war-ravaged the on blitz air to consignment the accompany to were representatives UNHCR The a that arguing clearance the them give not did .N.U the but Herat have to seems Council Security the by passed resolution recent .country the into venture who workers .N.U for risk the increased .S.U the after Afghanistan with borders eastern its sealed Iran .country war-torn the on raids air their began forces British and large already an to influx fresh a admit not could it said Iran for blame overtly officials the whom refugees Afghan of population .problem unemployment the and vices social several in prevailing now situation critical the considering However, of problem the to view sympathetic more a giving is Iran Afghanistan, the and ill the let to agreeing by attacks the fleeing refugees Afghan .in orphans several up set to measures taken also has Republic Islamic The .borders eastern its of side Afghan the on camps refugee the along areas land' 'no-mans in up set be to are camps Five the but refugees, 200,000 of total a for border the of sector northern Taliban-held the within one authorized only the is Camp Makaki .refugees 5,000 some housing territory, Afghan within (miles) kilometers 46 located Camp, Mile-46 The that camp another is Front, United the of control the under territory the shelter to up set recently has Society Crescent Red Iran's .displaced AA/AH End