Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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situation Afghan discuss Sattar Brahimi, on envoy special General's Secretary .N.U -- IRNA 29, Oct Islamabad, Foreign Pakistan's met Monday here Brahimi Lakhdar affairs, Afghan .Afghanistan in situation the discuss to Sattar Abdul Minister spokesman office foreign preliminary, as meeting the Describing the that Islamabad in briefing his in newsmen told Khan Muhammad Riaz process the of promotion the and initiative General's Secretary .N.U national of government a of formation the to lead can which .discussion for up came reconciliation of neighbors all that agreement complete was there said He any that affirm community international and .N.U the Afghanistan, territorial that such be to has government broad-based the for process .preserved is Afghanistan of integrity Afghans the involving by developed be must process the addition In be cannot but process the help can outsiders the as themselves .it in participants processes various the of note took also they said spokesman The Peshawar and Rome in meetings the including on going been have which no that clarified He .Cyprus in place taking meetings some as well as .meeting the during discussed were ideas specific on call also will Brahimi Lakhdar said Khan Muhammad Riaz .Musharraf Pervez General President be will Greece and France of ministers foreign the said He Pakistani their with talks for Thursday on Pakistan visiting .Afghanistan in situation the on Sattar Abdul counterpart in border Pakistan-Afghan on tribesmen of gathering the About its of any want not would Pakistan" said, spokesman the Bajaur, Taliban the told have we and Afghanistan in going be to citizens their of part as Pakistanis any have not should they that government ".bases training their in or effort military of adoption the before even position Pakistan's was this said He .back year half a and one resolution .N.U Refugees for Commissioner High .N.U the of statement the About spokesman the refugees, Afghan to borders its open to Pakistan asking .borders its open completely cannot Pakistan that stated categorically and women old, including people vulnerable permitted has it However" .said he "consideration, humanitarian on enter to children million 5.1 to one between estimates .N.U to according said He five are there and Pakistan to come to wanted and displaced are people cannot Pakistan said He .refugees potential other million seven to .burden huge a such bear categorically and firmly Pakistan said he question, a to Replying or tactical weapons, nuclear of use of thought the even reject .Afghanistan in otherwise yesterday, Bahawalpur in terrorism of act the on comment to Asked foreign a of possibility the out rule not do We" said, spokesman the ".incident this in hand to be only can act this behind those of objective the said He .Pakistan in stability in and unrest create of number large a and president the said Khan Muhammad Riaz the in condemned already have leaders religious and political .terrorism of act this term strongest to is president the said, he York, New to visit Musharraf's About .Assembly General .N.U the address to York New visit Office Foreign briefing, during newsmen by question a to Replying principle in taken been has visit the about decision a said spokesman .out worked being still are details but president the between meeting of possibility a was there if Asked as said spokesman the York, New in minister prime Indian the and not is yet as meeting the out, worked being details already, indicated .cards on TK/MMZ/AH End