Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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drought by Firouzkouh on inflicted damage in bn 27 Rls Firouzkouh hit that Drought -- IRNA 29, Oct ,.Prov Tehran Firouzkouh, Iranian current the of half first the during province Tehran in city a on damage in billion 27 rls some inflicted (21 March starting) year Natural the of head particular, in agriculture sectors, different .Monday on said Firouzkouh of Headquarters Disasters in projects various implement to needed is million 5.24 rls Some" the of regions various in drought of recurrence prevent to order .IRNA told Tajeddin Masoud "city, has drought, of year successive third its experiencing Iran, central and eastern southern, in cities major in water rationed Kerman, Bushehr, Fars, Isfahan, Baluchestan, and Sistan of provinces .Tehran and Khorassan the by hit worst is Iran that said recently official UN A than destructive far were effects its adding region, the in drought .years previous the rainfalls torrential by triggered floods flash while is This recently have provinces Khorasan and Golestan country's the in The .roads as well as farmland of hectares of thousands destroyed of billions inflicted and people of hundreds killed also floods .losses material of rials RM/RR End