Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Court Internal the at Afghans innocent killing with US Charging to brought be should States United The -- IRNA 29, Oct Lumpur, Kuala causing of charges face to (ICJ) Justice of Court International the in Taliban the against war its in people innocent of death the .Afghanistan Malaysia said Yatim Rais office Minister's Prime the in Minister and Nations United the in resolution a of tabling the initiate should .ICJ the to US the bring to petition a of filing the it deems Mohamad Mahathir Dr Seri Datuk Minister Prime our If" the to States United the bring to petition a initiate to appropriate was affairs Law of charge in is who Rais, "it, do should we then ICJ after studio TV3 station, TV private-owned Malaysia's the at speaking .Monday on programme Ini' Hari 'Malaysia the on appearing deaths the causing for "state terrorising" a as US the Labelling two by supported and filed be to has petition a said he civilians, of .ICJ the in tried be to US the for nations member UN the of thirds support the get would petition a such if doubted Rais However, allies its and US the influence the considering countries other from .wield France and Britain as such the that fear for move a such support not might countries Many" if that adding said, he "trade, and business their sabotage will US .world the in peace no be would there prevail to continues fear such the against US the by attack indiscriminate the said Rais also but civilians numerous of deaths the to led only not had Taliban .Afghanistan in people innocent the to misery untold inflicted suffer to made be not should Afghanistan in people innocent The" they whom (Laden bin Osama) person one against hatred their of because and York New in attack terror 11 Sept the behind be to suspected ".Washington solve not will war a waging said Rais view, Mahathir's Dr Echoing .terrorism of problem the bn/RR End