Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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policy "Malaysians-first" adopts Lumpur Kuala work-permit cut to moved has Malaysia -- IRNA 29, Oct Lumpur, Kuala up free to workers, foreign 300,000 home send to and half, by periods .slowdown economic the by affected locals for jobs a of part are plans the said officials Government construction and manufacturing the in policy "Malaysians-first" Other .economy slowing the by hit hardest been have which sectors, .plantations and services are affected been have that sectors filled be can sectors these in vacancies the feels government The" .said Isnin Zahar Abu official senior Ministry Home "locals, by many slowdown, a of signs showing climate economic world the With" the change to wants government The .work of out are workers local ".locals to given be will priority job that so policy the relax might and flexible be would government the said he But, ruling, new the Under .employers from applications on based ruling the effect, immediate take to Saturday on released was which years three of validity a with permits work issue only will government maids domestic Only .permits seven-year or six- usual the from down - .ruling the from exempt be will Zahar Abu .stretch a at years seven to up for employed be can They retraining skills its up stepped also had government the said .Malaysians retrenched for programme and officials union Malaysian period, work-permit new the Despite .problems any solve to likely not was it that newsmen told employers government the by targeted workers foreign the of most said They in working Indonesia from workers semi-skilled and unskilled were .sites construction on and factories in interested be would Malaysians many not that out pointed They .jobs such in result would move the said Federation Employers Malaysian The union Many .workers such replace to difficult it finding employers social preventing towards step a as move the saw also officials .locals for jobs many up free not would it said but problems, to government the on called has Congress Union Trades Malaysian The the said Unionists .instead workers foreign to visas new granting stop jobs up free to sector professional the target also should government .locals qualified for in workers foreign legal 800,000 than more still are There estimate Unionists .hands factory and labourers them of most Malaysia, from mainly workers, illegal million one another least at are there .Philippines the and Indonesia work temporary 513,823 year, this of months nine first the In the Of .applicants new for were 183,968 which of issued, were permits the in those for 54,035 maids, for were 135,847 permits, 513,823 the for 39,785 work, manufacturing for 190,688 sector, construction .employees estate for 93,468 and sector services many closing, factories many with that worried is government The is and immigrants illegal as on stay to choose may workers foreign .them repatriate to efforts up stepping when 19, Nov on place take next will exercise repatriation mass A .ship Naval Indonesian an on home sent be will Indonesians 2,500 sending in (million 29.US$1) million 9.RM4 spent far so has Malaysia .year this home workers foreign BN/HM End