Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Megawati President says Balkans, like becoming risks Indonesia of Balkans the becoming risked Indonesia -- IRNA 29, Oct Lumpur, Kuala religious and ethnic ongoing the given hemisphere, eastern the Sukarnoputri Megawati President archipelago, the racking conflicts .warned to leaving were investors foreign that concern expressed also She Jakarta the security, about worried were they as elsewhere relocate . Monday on reported newspaper Post that lamented she Day, Pledge Youth mark to ceremony a at Speaking the reminded and violence committing on bent still those were there its despite assistance, foreign needed still Indonesia that audience .funds development raising in self-reliant be to wish have which country the in groups at directed were remarks Her the of wake the in foreigners other and Americans oust to threatened .Afghanistan against strikes military States-led United which groups other and separatists at targeted also were They" and 'Riots .unrest religious and ethnic of wave a behind been have .said she "everyone, by stopped be should violence all for security of feeling a guarantee and restore to have We" of Republic the of citizens they be country, this in residing people ".foreigners or Indonesia for good not was Indonesia unstable and restless a said Megawati .region the still we...own our on nation the develop to weak too still are We" us for impossible is It .support as well as cooperation, foreign need .Jakarta East Cibubur, in ceremony the at said she ", alone live to eastern the of Balkans" the became Indonesia if that added She it - Yugoslavia former the of breakup the to reference a - "hemisphere a represent also will but ...happiness enjoy 'never only not would ".us around nations for danger of wake the in launched reform, of campaign the that lamented She attain to failed 1998, in power from fall Suharto's president former .goals its of many in stability political restoring at aimed was process reform The or - nepotism and collusion corruption, eradicating and country, the .locally known is it as KKN Aceh - provinces restive most country's the of two in Activists what for government the criticised however, have, - Jaya Irian and demands stem to plans concrete implement to failure its is say they .regions these in separatism for troops, and police in reining with particular, in do, to had This .rights violate to continue say, activists the who, BN/HM End