Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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newspapers Pakistani Monday's in Headlines major in apperared headlines Following -- IRNA 29, Oct Islamabad, .29 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ....... bombing to halt opposes Germany * blast bus Quetta in die Three * stable is govt Pakistan believes US * Afghanistan for troops commits UK * Kabul in killed Pakistanis Five * News The ........... church Bahawalpur on attack in killed 18 * raids Kabul in killed 12 among children 9 * casualties Afghan over concerned chief OIC * airstrip Chilas over take Tribesmen * attacks anthrax slates Khatami * refugees more accept to Pakistan urges Lubbers * Nation The ............. situation monitor to arrives Brahimi * Musharraf :Taliban to supply N-arms No * Omar :begun yet not has war Real * Kashmir Held in killed 13 * Alliance.N to vehicles armoured 100 gives Russia * US to bombing Cole in suspect hands Pakistan * Post Frontier The .................... setup broad-based for plan mull chiefs Alliance * Kabul in tragedy human sees Zaeef * Jalalabad near buried Haq Commander * elements pro-Shah check to plan Taliban * forces ground sending at hints Blair * Observer Pakistan .................... road-map Afghanistan on agree Schroeder Musharraf, * FM Russian says complex, situation Pak * Muslims for haven safe more no US * spokesman :risk any of ingnorant Taliban * MMZ/HM End