Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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chess world at Iran for losses three stalemate, one wins, Four event Chess World 17th the of round 7th the During -- IRNA 29, Oct Tehran, the Sunday, on Castellon of city Spanish the in held Championships three in lost and once, tied clashes, four won team Iranian .challenges Mitra players chess Iranian the competitions, girls' the In checkmated Pour-Kashian Atoussa and Hemmatizadeh, Nina Hejazipour, under-10, the in Germany and Estonia, Uzbekistan, from rivals their Paridar Shadi and respectively categories under-14 and under-12, Polish her to lost class u-16 the in country the representing .opponent managed Iran, of player chess boy under-12 the Tofiqi, Homayoun the of participant under-10 the while Italy from contestant a beat to when point the shared rival Canadian his and Khademi Mohammad country .stalemate in ended clash their Briton a by defeated were Sepehr-Khouy Ardeshir and Moradi Elshan competitions under-18 and under-16 the in Norwegian a and .respectively have Pour-Kashian and Hemmatizadeh players chess girl The .points 4 have Paridar and Hejazipour and each points 5.4 collected bagged have Tofiqi, and Khademi Iran, of representatives boy The and 3 have Sepehr-Khouy and Moradi compatriots their and points 5.3 .respectively points 2 KK/HM End