Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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set-up Afghan future for moves launch to arrives Brahimi Special General's Secretary UN -- IRNA 29, Oct Islamabad, take to here arrived has Brahimi Lakhdar Afghanistan on Representative Pakistani with Afghanistan in government broad-based a of idea up .leadership for Mission Special UN the of office the at official An to expected is Brahimi "IRNA" told Islamabad in (UNSMA) Afghanistan Foreign the of officials and Musharraf Pervez General President meet .Monday on Ministry Affairs Afghan of leaders with meetings hold to scheduled is Brahimi in set-up broad-based a evolve to how of question the on groups ."Waqt Nawai" reported completed, is operation the after Afghanistan agencies UN of representatives meet also will Brahimi Besides, relief discuss to day the in later Capital Federal the in here based it refugees, Afghan of number large of rehabilitation and operations .noted a of initiation for need underlined has Musharraf President of completion after immediately rehabilitation and set-up political .S.U However, .Afghanistan against strikes -led.S.U on-going the Afghanistan in operation the that hinted has Bush W George President .achieved not are objectives if decade a for continue may MMZ/HM End