Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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India in villager tribal kill intruders Bangladeshi Armed intruders Bangladeshi armed IRNA---Heavily 29, Oct India, Guwahati, border a ransacking after villager tribal Indian an death to hacked leaders community Meghalaya, of state northeastern the in locale .said Monday influential an Dorbars, Local Mihngi Ri-War of Federation The in civilians Bangladeshi 100 than more that alleged council, tribal of east kilometers 100 Pakhria, village attacked weekend the and properties looting' and 'ransacking Shillong, capital Meghalaya's .produce agricultural of hordes implements, crude other and knives long with Armed" tried that youth local A .village the attacked nationals Bangladeshi the and border the of side other the to dragged was resist to international the to close body decapitated his found later villagers IRNA told council tribal the of spokesman Kharshiing, F John ,"border . telephone by border the among panic triggered has attack reported The .Meghalaya in villagers People's a raise to government Indian the demanding been have We" Laborious ,"frontiers the guard to villagers border comprising Army .said chieftain tribal a Syeim, Manik up stepped Bangladeshi's the from threats say villagers Local .1 October on minister prime elected was Zia Khaleda after immediately the won (BNP) Party Nationalist Bangladesh the after Immediately" to us asking BDR the from threats received we elections, general headman Suchen, Net said "attack, violent a face or homes our vacate .village Pyrdiwah of with border (2,480-mile) 4,000-kilometer than more a shares India border unfenced of (miles 268) kilometers 433 including Bangladesh, .disputed still are stretches Several .Meghalaya in sometimes have troops Indian that turn in charges Bangladesh .areas border in civilians shot deliberately HD/HM End