Oct 29, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Blackwill says India, in terror discuss to Bush Vajpayee, Vajpayee Bihari Atal Minister Prime IRNA-India's 29, Oct Delhi, New terrorism of menace" the discuss will Bush W George President .S.U and indicated ,.S.U the to visit impending Vajpayee's the during "India in .Blackwill Robert India to Ambassador .S.U New in published daily English an Age, Asian the to According that recently admitted News, Zee India's to speaking Blackwill Delhi, said Blackwill .terrorism on policies its in mistakes made .S.U the address to has it terrorism against on goes war this as that .India in terrorism .Washington in month next for slated is meeting Vajpayee-Bush The understand to .S.U the on attacks 11 September the took it why Asked country every that said Blackwill terrorism, about concerns India's .S.U the that adding acutely, most attacks terrorist own its feels .policies terrorists its in mistakes some made Pakistani that noted he trusted, be could Pakistan whether Asked to "contributions significant" making was Musharraf Pervez President Washington between "occur will nothing" but terrorism against war the .India threatens that Islamabad and HD/HM End