Oct 28, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Taliban :Jihad for Muslims outside of arrival for ripe not Time come yet not has time said Sunday Taliban -- IRNA 28, Oct Islamabad, against fight their in Taliban join to countries other of Muslims for .forces coalition American-led the who those stop not will and Muslims the of spirit the respect We" tell to want we but Afghanistan, to coming from Jihad wage to want using are Americans as arrival their for come not has time that them Salam Abdul Pakistan, to envoy Taliban "bombs, drop to planes fighter .said Zaeef thousands to drawn was attention his when comments these made He Taliban join to Afghanistan into cross to want who Pakistanis, of .forces them stop not will we and Muslims on obligatory become has Jihad" .said he ,"started not has battle ground the but and sound and safe were Laden Bin Osama and Omar Mullah said Zaeef despite gains any achieve to able been not has Front Afghan United the .frontlines Taliban the of bombing .S.U heavy said Zaeef Mullah Kabul, to trip latest his about question, a To people common the of miseries the to added has bombing US cruel the" aerial to prey falling was population civilian the and Afghanistan in .said he "bombardment, that propaganda sheer and baseless as reports the aside brushed He the from flee to population local the allowing not were Taliban the right the have people These" said, and bombing US the escape to area ".strikes aerial .S.U oppressive the from safe be to elsewhere move to opposition late of fate the about query a to response In was States United The" said, envoy Taliban the Haq, Abdul Commander against revolt to him prompted it as Haq of murder the for responsible failed they but rescue his for came helicopters .S.U Two .Afghanistan .deliver to dollars .S.U of lot and fighters Taliban the engage to tried Haq" over win to use would he which possession his from recovered also were "fate, worst the met and failed he but Taliban some of loyalties the .Zaeef said Pakistani the in Christians of killing the on comment to Asked were Christians eighteen some which in Sunday on Bahawalpur of city comments any offer to refused Zaeef men, armed unknown by dead shot ".problem internal Pakistan's is It" saying TK/MMZ/AH End