Oct 28, 2001, 12:01 AM
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church on attack condemns Front Liberation Christian Pakistan of Front Liberation Christian The -- IRNA 28, Oct Islamabad, Bahawalpur Church Catholic the at act terrorist the termed has (CLFP) .barbaric as on Lahore in issued statement a in Bhatti Shahbaz CLFP, President to measures necessary take to government the of demanded Sunday .Pakistan of Christians innocent of property and lives the protect many and down gunned were persons 18 that recalled be may It Sunday the on attack terrorist of result a as injured were others .Bahawalpur in Church Catholic the at congregation the at prayers Sunday their for gathered had worshipers Christian .Bahawalpur Town, Model at Church the into forced terrorists five when progress in were services The .congregation the at firing indiscriminate opened and Building Church and ban should government the that said further Bhatti Shahbaz for responsible are who organizations militant the all disarm they that said also He .country the in terrorism religious spreading their and elements extremists the if silent remain not would .checked not were activities terrorists' this committed have who perpetrators, the that demanded He exemplary awarded and up rounded be should massacre gruesome .punishment the from application an back days few a that said statement The Bahawalpur Police General Inspector Deputy to sent was circles Church the But .buildings Church for security provide to him requesting .heed any pay not did authorities police succeed would conspiracy no that see to guard on remain should We" of communities Christian and Muslim between conflicts create to CLFP the restraint, exercise would communities the both and Pakistan .concluded leader TK/MMZ/AH End