Oct 28, 2001, 12:01 AM
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:10-NOROUZ percent 20 up purchase +Wheat the at Department Sale and Purchasing the of General Director Mohammad Al-e Farajollah Organization Cooperatives Rural Central 20 than more by risen has farmers local from wheat of purchase said year the period same the in that to compared year this percent .before - - - - :YAZD 11-AFTAB-E Khartoum at present companies industrial and manufacturing +Iran's fair said Karbasi Council Traders' Sudanese and Iranian of Secretary a with Sudan in held was exhibition Khartoum international 19th the .participating companies industrial and production Iranian of number - - - - :12-EDALAT Customs Iran's in +Revolution Iran's in changes reported has Newsletter Trade Foreign Italian imports as well as months and years recent over regulations customs .Iran in revolution customs as changes the calling goods, of - - - - :13-HAMBASTEGI open to center transportation air +Biggest Aviation Civil at Department Relations Public the of Director transportation air biggest the said Jafarzadeh Reza Organization President of presence in 31 October on open to is center management .Khatami Mohammad - - - - :14-QODS coins and banknotes billion 27,557 rls issue to +CBI on report latest (CBI) Iran's of Bank Central the on Based billion 61,168 rls was CBI the to debts government's indices, economic Moreover, .(21 March started) year this of quarter first the in and companies government the to billion 13,928 rls owes government .institutes - - - - :15-RESALAT social of cause main problem unemployment to +Inattention disorders asked experts with interviews separate in has Resalat daily Farsi impact the on and rate unemployment decrease to ways about view their of removal for called They .disorders social on unemployment of many of cause root is unemployment said and problem unemployment .problems - - - - :ESLAMI 16-JOMHOURI areas urban Iran's in up index price services and goods +Consumer (CBI) Iran of Bank Central the at Bureau Statistics Economic The has areas urban Iran's in index price and goods consumer the said has percent 5.0 showing September, year's this in points 7.175 reached .month last for figure the to compared increase - - - - 17-ETTELA'AT positive analyze companies international major +Experts, Iran in investment for conditions of Seminar at present companies international major and Experts analyzed have London, in held Iran, in Opportunities Investment .Iran in investment for condition positive - - - - :18-KAYHAN price water increasing on bill of outlines ratifies +Majlis of price increase to bill a ratified session Sunday its in Majlis .water - - - - :DAILY 19-IRAN unemployed graduates of percent +9 the of status the with compatible not is system educational The Organization's Planning and Management State the of Head market, labor Mazandaran Sari, in said Farjadi, Gholamali Institute, Research .Saturday on Province, - - - - 2003 early in startup gas sees +Petropars South giant the at producer Iranian leading the .Ltd Petropars the at stream on come to project first its expects field, gas Pars Friday, on said official company senior a 2003, early or 2002 of end .reported com.Gulfnews - - - - Tabriz in due exhibition equipment +Medical laboratories' and hospital medical, of exhibition third The from Tabriz in held be will industries pharmaceutical and equipment Fairs International Tabriz of Director Managing 5-10, November .said Mahoti Habib Company - - - - :NEWS 20-IRAN Rome to flight weekly cancels Air +Iran Rome, to flight weekly a cancelling is Air Iran airlines National traffic passenger in decline sharp a following today, of as effective .US the on attack terror 11 September the of wake the in - - - - Isfahan on damage rials 6b.5 inflicts +Drought Central) Province Isfahan in cities various hit has which Drought in rials billion 5,680 inflicted has years three past the over (Iran Disasters Natural Provincial the of head sectors, different on damage .week last said Headquarters - - - - :TIMES 21-TEHRAN products petrochemical of export in +Increase first the during products petrochemical various exported Iran reached (21 March starting) year Iranian current the of months seven Petrochemical the of Director managing to according million, 530 dlrs .Ehtiati Company Commercial - - - - recession economic worsen Afghanistan on strikes +US that said ,(G-77) 77 of Group the of Head Iranian the Asadi, Baqer recession economic world the cause would Afghanistan on strikes US the .worsen to - - - - :INTERNATIONAL 22-KAYHAN reforms economic Lebanon backs +IMF disastrous reform to proposals Lebanon's welcomed has IMF The .planned as went all if even high dangerously be would levels debt BG/AH End