Oct 28, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Press Sunday's in headlines making news Economic stories news economic major are Following -- IRNA 28, Oct Tehran, :Sunday on dailies Iranian in highlighted :1-ENTEKHAB year next by international go to phone mobile +Iran's Ali-Reza Company Telecommunications Iran's of Director Managing next by international go will phone cell Iran's said has Bahrampour .year - - - - slump price oil with concerned not +Government Management the at Bureau Council Economic the of General Director are there said Feyz-Asar Akhlaqi Mehdi (MPO) Organization Planning and slump the and fund deposit forex the at assets billion 10 dlrs about .government the for worry a not is prices oil in - - - - :2-HAMSHAHRI production oil cut to +OPEC possibility the out rule not did Al-Nuaimi Ali Minister Oil Saudi boost to again production slash could cartel oil OPEC the that .prices sagging - - - - today passed be to investment foreign for support on +Bill foreign of support and attraction on bill controversial The (GC) Council Guardians the by back referred been had which investment, final for agenda body's legislative the on put been has Majlis, to .approval - - - - :3-IRAN implementation under projects national 9,000 than +More implementation under were projects development 1,921 of total A Planning and Management The .billion 54 dlrs of cost a at year last last projects the for aside set credit the said (MPO) Organization the for allocated sum the to compared growth percent 16 shown had year .year previous the purpose - - - - year half first for rate inflation percent 5.+11 (CBI) Iran of Bank Central the at Bureau Statistics Economic The growth inflation Iran's year the of half first the in that announced figure the to compared percent, 10.0 down percent, 5.11 at stood rate .before year the period same the for - - - - established Rice Iranian for Support for +Association activity its began Rice Iranian for Support of Association The .production rice raising of aim the with - - - - :ROUZ 4-SIASAT-E budget? year's next in be rate parity dollar should much +How Daily Farsi with interviews separate in experts of number A said and rial against rate party dollar the on commented Rouz Siasat-e .country the for harmful prove not should system rate parity single - - - - export oats increasing on +Agreement the of proposal the welcomed session recent its in Cabinet offset to oat of tons 500,000 of export to Ministry Jihad Agricultural .deficit budget - - - - :5-KAR-O-KARGAR imports foodstuff to need more +No Mostazafan at Department Affairs Cultural and Relations Public economic major a as agriculture said has (MJF) Foundation Janbazan and gross the of percent 15 reserves gas, and oil after Iran in sector of percent 45 employment, of percent 13 ,(GNP) production national .exports non-oil of percent 13 and requirements food national - - - - foreign in billion five dlrs than more Iran earns exports +Flower year a exchange Mehrban Reza Union Plant and Flower Iran's of Director Managing than more country the earns flower of kilogram each of export says five than more at stands figure the said He .average on dollars two .year a dollars million - - - - :6-AFARINESH and exports for way pave to manufacturers parts car of +Merger globalization their parts car of association the of director of board the of Member parts car of merger said Najafimanesh Mohammad-Reza manufacturers and exports for way the pave would companies manufacturing .industry the of globalization - - - - :7-TOSE'E Iran with balance trade Positive +India; considerable showed India to exports commodities non-oil Iran's 152 dlrs at stood and ago years nine to compared year last growth .1992 in million 16 dlrs was figure The .billion - - - - :8-MELLAT agenda EU's of top on Iran with relations of +Promotion European the between relations say Union European in Sources meeting Ministers Foreign of agenda on been has Iran and (EU) Union .Monday on Committee General the of - - - - :9-ABRAR market oil stir countries +Non-OPEC and companies all says Sim Farshid expert industry oil An are worldwide, industries oil the in investment making organizations, .run long or short the in either slump price oil further against BG/AH More