Oct 28, 2001, 12:01 AM
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villagers persecute hamlet, seal troops occupation Zionist night Saturday forces occupation Israeli -- IRNA 28, .Oct Al-Khalil, the along situated Sikka, of village Palestinian small the stormed .al-Khalil of west kilometers 20 line, armistice former village the at arrived troops Zionist of hundreds said Villagers .directions all in heavily firing started and midnight after shortly army the that loudspeaker a through announced then Zionists The .hamlet the of confines the leaving villager any kill would reaping caught" anyone that villagers the warned also Zionists The ".killed and shot be would olives totally was measure Zionist draconian the said sources Palestinian .unprovoked the for doing been have they as us terrorize to want just They" Muhammed said "religion, real Israel's is Terrorism .years 53 last .villager elderly an Ihshayesh, to allowed not are we village, our leave to allowed not are We" not are we school, to go to allowed not are we olive, our harvest and oppression, Israeli protest to allowed not are we work, to allowed the "Jew, the against terrorism carrying of us accuses world the then .bitterly rather added man old on closure the of knowledge no had it said army Israeli The .Sikka KA/NK/AR End