Oct 28, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan on committee special of members with meets Khatami met Sunday here Khatami Mohammad President -- IRNA 28, Oct Tehran, and crisis Afghan the on committee special a of members with the of wake the in country war-torn the in developments discussed .attacks -led.S.U ongoing positive" as Afghanistan on "stance principled" Iran's hailed He a conducted had Republic Islamic the saying ,"appropriate and .crisis the with connection in diplomacy "successful" a enjoying policies, prudent adopting of because Tehran," and acceptable an portraying as well as position strategic prominent of participation the for calls which Islam, from image exquisite world the of attention the to come has affairs, state in people .said he "countries, terror 11 September the condemn to swift was Republic Islamic The also has but centers defense and trade American the on attacks also they saying Afghanistan, on strikes -led.S.U the denounced .civilians targeted against campaign international an for called has instead, Iran, .Nations United the of leadership the under terrorism a of creation the for call Iran's reiterated also Khatami and groups ethnic all comprising government, coalition broad-based .Afghanistan in parties, in operations relief Republic's Islamic the on elaborated He commended had Nations United the saying refugees, Afghan assisting .move humanitarian the in efforts Iran's southeastern its near camps refugee five up set to vowed has Iran have Taliban ruling the but territory, Afghan the inside borders .camp one only of establishment the for light green give militia, Taliban the by controlled zone a in camp, Makaki The the of head the Saturday, On .refugees 5,000 over houses currently Karimi Ali province Sistan-Baluchestan the in Society Crescent Red .camp the in settled now are Afghans 5,600 that said end the by 10,000 as many as reach to number this predicted He .day each families 150 of arrival average the given week, this of located camp, 46 Mile at housed are refugees of hundreds Several the by controlled area an in away (miles) kilometers few a .Front United anti-Taliban Hadi crisis, Afghan the on committee special the of member A regional" in role active Iran's for called session the in Khamenei ".equations have to Republic Islamic the require interests national Iran's" warring all assist and scrutiny careful under developments Afghan Afghan the of participation active an for way the pave to factions .said he "destiny, own their in people envoy special UN the welcomed Tehran, from MP an also Khamenei, the in efforts peacemaking new Brahimi's Lakhdar Afghanistan in national the with line in step important an" as them hailing region, ".region the to peace of return and people Afghan the of interests political a seek to tour regional of part as visits Brahimi .Afghanistan for future post-Taliban a on consensus BH/AR End