Oct 28, 2001, 12:01 AM
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food of need desperate in Afghans million a Half Ghor, in people million 5.0 Around -- IRNA 28, Oct Islamabad, due situation alarming facing are Afghanistan central Chaghcharan, .here agency relief a of official an said food, of paucity acute to Cross Red the of Committee International the of spokesperson The was Ghor in situation the that here IRNA told Musa Mario (ICRC) strikes launched allies its and US before even alarming extremely .Afghanistan on commitee his year, this during that said spokesperson ICRC The worst the of one area, the but operations three out carried had .assistance relief of need desperate in was localities, drought-hit Ghor, reached has shipment fresh any whether sure not was Mario Afghanistan central in villagers mostly families of thousand where .clothes warm and food needed badly in conditions that question a to response in view the of was He very not were country war-shattered the of parts other many had agencies aid the after worse made were things and encouraging to due operations their down scale to but option no with left .insecurity in bases logestic rear up set to sought ICRC the that said Musa Turkmenistan, Iran, Pakistan, including countries neighboring .Uzbekistan and Tajikistan (Iran) Mashhad in one the including explained, he bases, These for used be will Turkmenistan, and (Pakistan) Quetta in as well as and Jalalabat and Sharif i Mazar Kandahar, Herat, to assistance relief .respectively Kabul possibly .Peshawar in base a has ICRC Already in committee, the that stated Musa Mario question, a to reply In centers orthopedic six as many as and hospitals public 30 has all, .people traumatized and disabled of rehabilitation for been had people maimed thousand 50 far so that mentioned also He the by treated be to yet are thousand 45-50 another while treated .committee /MHA/MMZ/AR End