Oct 28, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA major of headlines main the are Following -- IRNA 28, Oct Tehran, :Sunday on dailies Tehran DAILY IRAN -- "arrives Manley Canada's" on Tehran in arrived Manley John Minister Foreign Canada's economic and political high-ranking a of head the at Saturday .delegation NEWS IRAN -- "line front Taliban pound jets .S.U" of north positions front-line Taliban pounded have jets .S.U local and fighters anti-Taliban what in Kabul of city capital the air the of bombardment such heaviest the as described people .campaign INTERNATIONAL KAYHAN -- "Kashmir troubled India's across clashes in die Twenty" in overnight and Saturday killed were people Twenty same the of members four including Kashmir Indian-administered .said here police separatists, suspected by down gunned family TIMES TEHRAN -- "attacks anthrax in extremists .S.U suspect CIA FBI," government .S.U quoted Post Washington the Saturday, On of wave recent the believe investigators that saying as officials United the in extremists of work the be could attacks anthrax .States ABRAR -- "developments regional on dispatched delegation American" examine to night Friday Beirut in arrived delegation American An on countries the of stances the up weigh and developments regional on attacks -led.S.U the as well as .S.U the on attacks month's last .Afghanistan NOROUZ -- "youth of treatment harsh against warns speaker Majlis Vice" deputy and Front Participation Iran Islamic the of secretary The recent that said has Khatami Mohammad-Reza speaker parliament matches soccer after cities other several and Tehran in incidents "problems many" against warned and happening simple a from far were .to attended properly not were they if arise may which ENTEKHAB -- "paralyzed residents Kabul to aid Humanitarian" has Cross Red the of Committee International the of official An carried not was Kabul in residents to food of delivery the that said .city the in warehouses ICRC hit bombs .S.U after Saturday on out YAZD AFTAB-E -- "Taliban assist to Afghanistan for head Pakistanis of Thousands" on Afghanistan for headed militants Pakistani of Thousands .S.U the against war their in Taliban the assist to Saturday NO HAYAT-E -- "Aminzadeh meets FM deputy Russian" the with met morning Saturday on minister foreign deputy Russian and Pacific the and Asia for minister foreign deputy Iranian in developments especially issues, regional and bilateral discussed .official Iranian the with Afghanistan, EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "dishes satellite for hunt house-to-house Police" started has dishes satellite of seizure police of phase new A chief police by order direct a following week last since .Qalibaf Mohammad-Baqer HAMBASTEGI -- "halted Aban of Publication" of because publish to ceased has Aban weekly political The Mohammad editor its problems, financial and "pressures unofficial" .said Alipour Hossein JAVAN -- "declines price oil about worried not Gov't" said Organization Planning and Budget state the at official An reserve 10-billion-dollar a by buoyed government, Iranian the that price crude about worried not is revenues, oil surplus the of fund .declines RESALAT -- "Sunday on held be to rally 13 Aban" the of anniversary 22nd the week next commemorate will Iran the on attacks -led.S.U amid Tehran in takeover embassy .S.U .people Afghan Muslim QODS -- "houses mud on bombs cluster of Raining" bombs cluster of use the confirmed has general American top A .Afghanistan on attacks their in allies its and .S.U the by TOSS'E -- "region the to dispatched forces British" was Britain Friday on said Ingram Adam Minister Forces Armed as use for Fearless HMS ship assault the aboard troops in sending .Afghanistan in forces ground MELLAT -- "airspace Iranian crossed has plane American No" Council, Guardians oversight the of secretary the Rezai, Mohsen rejected has Al-Jazeera, television Qatari the with interview an in in planes American by airspace Iranian the of use the about claims .Afghanistan on attacks their ESLAMI JOMHOURI-YE -- "recession economic into plunges America" said Friday, on experts economic citing News, Fox network TV The .recession economic an into plunged had virtually .S.U the that HAMSHAHRI -- "output oil cutting OPEC" oil OPEC the said Saturday on Al-Nuaimi Ali Minister Oil Saudi sagging bolster to bid a in production slash again would cartel .prices JAM JAAM-E -- cooperation Tehran-Baku of renewal for calls president Azeri" "agreement the for called has President, Azerbaijani the Aliyev, Haydar saying agreement, friendship Tehran-Baku 1994 the of renewal .necessary was countries neighboring two the between cooperation BH/AR End