Oct 27, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Kabul in catastrophe human sees envoy Taliban said Saturday Taliban ruling Afghanistan - IRNA 27, Oct Islamabad, human to led has Afghanistan of forces coalition US-led by bombing and medicines of shortage to due dying are injured the as catastrophe .food of lack acute is There .pitiable very is Kabul capital in situation The" of result a as dying are Injured .food and medicines of shortage Salam Abdul Mulla Pakistan to envoy Taliban "medicines, of shortage .Kabul from return his on said Zaeef the targeting only are they that claiming are Americans the How" is Kabul in warehouses ICRC the of bombing yesterday's The .civilians civilian target to intentions American the of example clear the .said envoy the "areas, the said he Afghanistan, in situation the about question a To and population civilian of destruction vast caused have bombings .children and women including people innocent of hundreds killed team a send to Conference Islamic of Organization the urged He of destruction and civilians of killing the see to Afghanistan to .property civilian communication affected badly have strikes air brutal the said He the meet to Jalalabad and Kabul visited he why is that and system of out arising situation current the them with discuss to leadership he that reports denied He .civilians of killing and destruction the .crisis present the to solution for plan any carried had envoy the Haq, Abdul commander of execution the About :Haq Abdul Jihadi former the regretted but murder his over shocked is he said had years, 10 for Soviets red the against fought had who commander, .Americans the for scapegoat a became has commander Mujahid former a that unfortunate very is It" said, he "Americans, the of interest the for life his sacrificed which Emirates, Islamic the opposing was Haq Abdul Commander adding .act anti-Islamic an was colleagues his and Haq Abdul against fatwa a issued Ulema The" their out carry and fatwa the implement to bound were Taliban the and .said Zaeef ,"execution the in playing from desist to leaders Afghan other warned He not will Afghans as forces foreign other and Americans the of hands .people its and Afghanistan betray who those forgive a install to move any accepted never have Afghans said Zaeef any impose to move any that warned He .outside from government .fail will outside the from government daily despite that said envoy Taliban The :moral forces Taliban of morale the allies, their and Americans the by strikes air heavy .high is Taliban the when back fight to determined are and united are They" .said he ,"forces ground send British and American have forces alliance northern opposition the that said Zaeef the of spite in Kabul of north advance make to failed miserably American-led the by positions line front Taliban the of bombing .coalition /HB/NA/AR End