Oct 27, 2001, 12:01 AM
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relations bilateral strengthen further to Holland Pakistan, to decided have Holland and Pakistan -- IRNA 27, Oct Islamabad, peaceful a for called and relations bilateral strengthen further in government multi-ethnic a and problem Kashmir the to solution .Afghanistan Musharraf Pervez General President Pakistan the by stated was This in conference news joint a at Kok Wim Minister Prime Dutch and .talks detailed following Saturday on Islamabad they that said president the guest, distinguished the Welcoming with concern mutual of issues on inter-action excellent an had .them on views of unanimity complete countries two the that out pointed Musharraf Pervez General Wim confidence expressed He .relations cooperative and cordial enjoyed lead and relations bilateral to impetus fresh a give would visit Kok's .view of point others each of understanding better even an to country's his extended minister prime Dutch the Reciprocating, the with together said and juncture this at Pakistan to support full at both Pakistan for relief debt support would Holland Union, European international needed Pakistan said He .levels multilateral and EU the of member important an as development economic term long for support .terrorism against coalition world the to access free favored also had country his that out pointed He Islamabad's in increase and Market European the to products Pakistani .quota textiles Kashmir the to solution peaceful a for need the Emphasizing Kashmiris, of wishes the and resolutions .N.U with line in problem dignitary visiting the of attention the drew Musharraf Pervez General .11 September after Control of Line the along created tension towards the along heavily shelling ceasefire disturbed had India said He Colin State of Secretary .S.U of arrival the before day a just LoC .Powell Kashmir the of solution peaceful a that stressed president The .region the in security and peace the of interest the in was problem early an for called minister prime Dutch the Reciprocating realized community world the said and problem Kashmir the of solution .11 September after so more this strengthening for issue the resolve to countries two the urged He .region the in security and peace military the that reiterated president the Afghanistan, to Turning damage collateral a avoiding targeted and short be should there action .casualties civilian and are strike military the in civilians of killing the said He He .world the around but Pakistan for only not disturbing certainly broad-based of formation and peace durable of restoration said interference outside from free Afghanistan in government multi-ethnic .priority topmost the are political and integrity territorial unity, that added He .preserved be must Afghanistan of independence a on placed be to needs process political the said president The vacuum political a of possibility the forestall to order in track fast .objectives military of attainment the after be must process political the success, its ensure to order In restore would that package economic comprehensive a by accompanied its revive and Afghanistan of infrastructure socio-economic devastated .economy of repatriation the for required be also would assistance said He Afghans of rehabilitation and refugees Afghan the of millions the economic and drought fighting, to due internally displaced .difficulties a be would Afghanistan in stability economic and peace said He .future in terrorists for heaven safe a becoming its against guarantee minister prime Dutch the view, of point country's his Expressing the to support clear and courageous its for Pakistan complimented .terrorism against coalition international of components three has situation Afghan that out pointed Kok Wim be should them of all and rehabilitation and political military, vacuum political no be should there urged He .simultaneously pursued effective play can OIC and Nations United the said and Afghanistan in .dispensation political a for role medical brought has he said he Pakistan, in refugees Afghan About thousand three for requirements months' three meet would that supplies .people large a after looking for Pakistan lauded minister prime Dutch The .refugees Afghan of number allowing is Pakistan said president the question, a to Replying .cross to Afghanistan from people old and children women, sick, no was there that clear it made president the question another To situation current the and border Pakistan-Afghan the along tension two between frontiers the on bearing no had Afghanistan inside .countries TK/MMZ/AH End