Oct 27, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Spokesman :Wednesday Iran in arrive to commissioner UNHCR Ruud Refugees for Commissioner High UN -- IRNA 27, Oct Mashhad, examine to visit two-day a on Wednesday Iran in arrive will Lubbers UNHCR said refugees, Afghan of influx probable a for preparations .Saturday here Nouri Mohammad Republic Islamic the in spokesman Mohammad President with meet to expected is commissioner The Minister Foreign including ministers, Iranian several and Khatami fleeing refugees Afghan of settlement the discuss and Kharrazi, Kamal .said he country, their on attacks -led.S.U six past the in time second the for Iran visiting is Lubbers the in warehouses UNHCR's visit to scheduled is He .months .province Khorasan the in Mashhad of city northeastern is and tour two-day a for Saturday on Pakistan in arrived He he where southwest, Pakistan's in Quetta to go to scheduled .operations UNHCR inspect to is southeastern its near camps refugee five up set to vowed has Iran have Taliban ruling the but territory, Afghan the inside borders .camp one only of establishment the for light green give militia, Taliban the by controlled zone a in camp, Makaki The the of head the Saturday, On .refugees 5,000 over houses currently Karimi Ali province Sistan-Baluchestan the in Society Crescent Red .camp the in settled now are Afghans 5,600 that said end the by 10,000 as many as reach to number this predicted He .day each families 150 of arrival average the given week, this of warm of need urgent an in were said, Karimi refugees, The has winds seasonal of spell a as facilities other and clothing .night at falling sharply temperature the with started, camp, Makaki the for heading mostly were refugees Afghan said He the in camps refugee scheduled its prepared not had Iran since .province Khorasan northeastern located camp, 46 Mile at housed are refugees of hundreds Several the by controlled area an in away (miles) kilometers few a .Front United anti-Taliban off sealed has Afghans, million two over to home already Iran, attacks, -led.S.U the of wake the in influx new the for borders its Afghan inside borders its near camps up set to moved has but .territories BH/RR End