Oct 27, 2001, 12:01 AM
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province Gorgan in injured five dead, five leave Accidents Bus a between Thursday on collision head-on A -- IRNA 27, Oct Tehran, three left Iran, northern Gorgan, near road a on motorcycle a and .Saturday on reported Eslami Jomhouri-e daily Persian the dead, .added it motorcycle, the on riding all were dead The day same the on collision another of result a as Meanwhile, Gorgan in road, Aliabad-Gorgan on one cars motor two between .said paper the injured, five and killed were two province, .noted further it car, the of one of passengers all were dead The .world the in hazardous most the of some are roads Iranian dilapidated on accidents of rate high the blame experts Traffic .carelessness driver and vehicles injured 87,000 and killed are people 15,000 some average, the On statistical In .annually country the in accidents traffic-related in one and minutes 40 every killed is person one average the on terms, .minutes seven every injured assistance, road emergency insufficient vehicles, Dilapidated on information relay swiftly to facilities communication of lack roads on centers emergency inadequate and accidents traffic-related in accidents road from toll death high the of causes main the are .say experts traffic Iran, RM/RR End