Oct 27, 2001, 12:01 AM
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digest press IRNA Tehran major of headlines main are Following -- IRNA 27, Oct Tehran, :Saturday on dailies DAILY IRAN -- "Pakistan in rally .S.anti-U Biggest" on city biggest Pakistan's in massed militants 50,000 least At .W George President of effigies and flag .S.U the burning Friday, on airstrikes since protest .S.anti-U biggest the in Bush .AFP to according began, Afghanistan NEWS IRAN -- "issues international on talks "fruitful" hold Austria Iran," Chancellor Austrian and Khatami Mohammad President Iranian and ties bilateral on talks their described have Schuessel Wolfgang successful, and "fruitful" issues international as well as regional .reported has agency news IRNA state the TIMES TEHRAN -- "withdrawal Israeli immediate for calls Council Security UN" the on unanimity rare found Council Security Nations United The a in Israel on calling Thursday, conflict Israeli-Palestinian autonomous from immediately withdraw to statement non-binding .territories Palestinian IRAN -- "investments foreign of attraction over agree GC Majlis," affairs economic for commission parliamentary a of Head and Council Guardian (oversight) the that said has Abdollahi Reza a on differences some over agreement an reached have Parliament the .approval final its for way the paved and plan investment foreign KAREGAR KAR-O -- "adventurism Stop :America tells Rafsanjani Hashemi" an urged Friday Rafsanjani Hashemi Akbar president former Iran's .Afghanistan on attacks -led.S.U the to halt immediate NOROUZ -- "Tehran in collected dishes satellite of Hundreds" a in houses from dishes satellite seized have Tehran in Police .Thursday on operation massive RESALAT -- "frightful unexpectedly are Taliban :secretary defense .S.U" the that said has Rumsfeld Donald Secretary Defense .S.U .frightful unexpectedly be to prove Taliban hardline JAM JAAM-E -- "remain should Taliban :America" the over countries world the of most by call a despite ,.S.U The has Afghanistan, of scene political the from Taliban of removal Afghan future the in participation group's hardline the demanded .government EDALAT SEDAY-E -- "punishment in leniency get to not youngsters hooligan Arrested" Ali Mohammad courts juvenile for department justice a of Head during youngsters under-18 1,000 of arrest the announced has Ardebili decided had officials judicial saying hooliganism, football recent the has law the leniency with provided be to not arrested those that .envisaged JAVAN -- "executed Kabul of Conqueror" against fight the in commander Afghan prominent a Haq, Abdul or "commander" as known best and country the in forces Soviet former .militia Taliban by executed was "Kabul of conqueror" the QODS -- "barn hay in needle for searching like is Laden bin Finding" that admitted has Rumsfeld Donald Secretary Defense .S.U attack 11 September the in suspect prime the Laden, bin Osama finding but task, arduous an is centers, trade and defense American the on other and him hunt to continue will Washington that stressed has .members Al-Qaeda ROUZ SIASAT-E -- "month another for only water having Tehran" another only for water drinking has Tehran that believe Experts .helped not have precipitations recent that and month MELLAT -- "America in approved bill Anti-terror" Friday, on laws anti-terror new signed Bush .W George President detain to power government's .S.U the expanding aggressively money crack and communications electronic on eavesdrop immigrants, .schemes laundering NO HAYAT-E -- "stability regional to key Egypt and Iran" two the and stability regional the to key the are Egypt and Iran bilateral, of range a over cooperation good very have countries interests Egyptian of head issues, regional and international Iranian the with meeting a in said Shoqi Esmail Tehran, in Section .Kharrazi Kamal Minister Foreign ENTEKHAB -- "9 Nov on Tehran in delegation economic European Biggest" Tehran in arrive will delegation economic high-ranking A Iran between ties economic of promotion the discuss to 9 November on .Europe and HAMBASTEGI -- "today Tehran in arrive to FM Canadian" on Tehran in arrive will Manly John Minister Foreign Canadian as well as ties, bilateral officials Iranian with discuss to Saturday crisis, Afghan the including developments, international and regional Asefi Hamidreza spokesman Ministry Foreign Republic's Islamic the .Friday said ABRAR -- "Congress American in Nejad-Hosseinian" dinner a about reported has Today USA the daily American An in Hill, Capitol the in lawmakers .S.U several by given reception, Mohammad-Hadi Nations United the to ambassador Iran's which .participated had Nejad-Hosseinian BH/AR End