Oct 27, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Assam in four kill Militants killed were persons four least At -- IRNA 27, Oct India, Guwahati, crowded a at explosion bomb powerful a in wounded seriously 25 and of state northeastern troubled India's in festival religious Hindu .Assam a inside exploded "bomb pressure" a said spokesman police A Durga) festival Hindu celebrate to up set stage covered makeshift town Gauripur at justice, of goddess the honor to festival a ,(Puja state the from kilometers 270 district, Dhubri Assam's western in .Guwahati of capital planted bomb pressure the when devotees of hundreds were There" persons, four killing night Thursday off went Hindu-idol near district Borua, Kumar Prosanta ".child a and women two including .telephone on IRNA told Dhubri, of magistrate .blast the in injured critically were persons 25 least At groups militant some of handiwork the be could blast bomb The" a create to out elements fundamentalist even or area the in active .said Borua ,"divide communal those as far as open are options the and on are Investigations" ".attack the in involved be could who to area the in operation combing intensified have forces Security .blast the behind culprits the nab borders that district Dhubri in active are groups of number A .Bangladesh States, United the in strikes Center Trade World the After" aid the with active more become have groups fundamentalist religious .said official intelligence top a ,"ISI Pakistan's of in insurgency to lives their lost have people 10,000 than More .decades two past the during Assam IND/AR End