Oct 27, 2001, 12:01 AM
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rate agreed dollar currencies, foreign major for rates Official Saturday on (CBI) Iran of Bank Central The -- IRNA 27, Oct Tehran, world leading for rates selling and buying official the announced :follows as rial Iranian the against currencies Selling Buying Currency ------- ------ -------- 1,566 1,557 Euro (EU) 885 880 Dollar Australian 1,116 1,109 Dollar Canadian 1,433 1,424 (100) Yen Japanese 197 196 Krone Norwegian 2,515 2,501 Pound British 167 166 Krona Swedish 1,755 1,750 Dollar .S.U 211 209 Krone Danish 1,064 1,058 Franc Swiss 479 476 Dirham UAE 469 466 Riyal Saudi 5,742 5,710 Dinar Kuwaiti 4,674 4,648 Dinar Bahraini 483 480 Riyal Qatar 4,571 4,545 Rial Omani 34 31 Pound Syrian imported certain pricing for only used are rates forex Official 1380 country's the by allowed services, subsidized and goods basic .budget (current) the of Department International the to according Meanwhile, country's the in trading of hour closing the at Iran, of Bank Central selling and buying agreed average the 24, October Wednesday, on banks at reported was currency Iranian the against dollar .S.U the for rate .rials 7,960 on (TSE) Exchange Stock Tehran the at trading of close the At .S.U one of purchasers to offered rates the 24, October Wednesday, 7,070, and 7,924 .Rls at reported were exporters from euro and dollar .respectively .Thursdays on closed is Exchange Stock Tehran The out carried are currencies foreign on operations banking major No .Thursdays on .country the in holiday public regular a is Friday FS/AR End