Oct 27, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Saturday on newspapers Pakistani in Headlines major in appeared headlines Following -- IRNA 27, Oct Islamabad, .27 October on dailies Pakistani Dawn ....... commander ex-guerrilla execute Taliban * US says continue, to gov't Afghan new on Work * Pakistan :Osama to given not N-material * discussion vital for today Pakistan in due PM Dutch * Pakistan against sanctions suspends Japan * days few in Afghanistan in troops ground UK * News The ............ Envoy :haul long a for ties Pak-US * N-material having Osama on report dismisses Pakistan * raid US in destroyed warehouses ICRC 3 * bill anti-terrorism wide-ranging signs Bush * UN address to 8 Nov on NY for leaves Musharraf * seat UNSC for endorsement wins Pakistan * Powell says priority, US first ouster Taliban * Nation The .............. US :hopes peace Afghan for loss death Haq's * Ramadan in attacks cease to US asks Pakistan * border Afghan at stranded refugees of Thousands * violence Kashmir Indian in die Seven * US to flown troops American of bodies 4 * broadcasting resumes Shariah of Voice * Post Frontier The ..................... smuggling terrorism, curb Pakistan to million $750 provide to US * today arrives Brahimi Lakhdar * Bank West in operation Israeli condemns Bhutto Benazir * UN :Afghanistan in intensifying crisis Food * withdrawal Israeli for Council Security * /MA/MMZ/AR End