Oct 26, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Media Canada From Headline in appeared headlines following The -- IRNA 26, October York, New :Friday on media Canadian MAIL AND GLOBE *THE Taliban by killed leader rebel Key - warehouses Cross Red bomb jets .S.U - war Afghan to Marines Royal commits Britain - facility CIA in found Anthrax - finds poll low, near support Sovereignty - reports watchdog CSIS, for much too Caseload - finds survey doctors, family 3,000 short Canada - violence curb to again try Palestinians Israelis, - delays border for fix proposes union Customs - war -led.S.U backing for heat feeling Arabia Saudi - anthrax homegrown to points Evidence - attacks fiercer demands Alliance - war -led.S.U backing for heat feeling Arabia Saudi - insists Rumsfeld hurting, Taliban - POST NATIONAL *THE exporters extremism's became Saudis How - treason for executed captured, Haq Abdul figure opposition Afghan - intelligence police, to powers sweeping giving law signs Bush - agencies insignificant medically called headquarters; CIA at found Anthrax - vaccine smallpox of doses million 30 buying considers Government - terror lay container, ship in passport Cdn with man find Italians - charges vaccine smallpox of doses million 30 buying considers Government - Canada for bound was stowaway Mysterious - cities six from withdraw to agrees Israel - edge an commandos .S.U give to boots' 'Silent - POST OTTAWA *THE airport key at aim raids .S.U - cash terror track to $10M lands Agency - executed foe Taliban - raids by rocked Kabul - attacks intensify must .S.U :Alliance - troops forces special sending Britain - Osama to linked Bosnia in Suspect - president Tajikistan meets .S.U - CIA at found Anthrax - recovering survivor Anthrax - catch to hard Osama :Rumsfeld - burning still fires WTC - MHA/NA/AR End