Oct 26, 2001, 12:01 AM
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commander opposition key executes Taliban Abdul Commander anti-Taliban prominent A - IRNA 26, Oct Islamabad, has forces, militants Taliban by Afghanistan in captured was who Haq, .Friday said spokesman Taliban a killed, been Education militant's Taliban Muttaqqi, Khan Amir NNI, to According with charged was Haq Abdul that said spokesman senior and Minister .forces American the assisting and treason militants' Taliban the for spokesman a Agha, Tayyeb Mohammed him, with captured men, Haq's that confirmed also Omar Mullah leader .killed been also had .said Muttaqqi "arrest, his after immediately executed was Haq" and escape, to trying shot was Haq report another to According of hail a of excahnge in died had "others three or two and he" .bullets place hiding his surrounding after Haq captured forces Taliban as described been had arrest The .Kabul capital, the of south the in regime Taliban the replace to efforts US-backed in setback major a .government multi-ethnic and broad-based a with country the into back slipped have to thought is Haq Commander moderate and Pashtuns fellow his over win to aiming Pakistan from his Jalalabad, in held being was He .Taliban the within elements .Peshawar in conference news a at said Din-Mohammad Haji brother, peace-loving and Afghan the to appeal Our" siad, earlier had He a harm to not Taliban the on pressure put should they that is people ".efforts peace making was who man occupation Soviet the fighting in role leading a played Haq Abdul current the of critical been had He .1980s the during Afghanistan of over win to attempts his damage could it saying campaign, bombing US .Taliban the within elements moderate the was -- Logar of province the in -- capture his say Taliban The .operation military careful a of result the several with horseback on flee to tried he says account One cover air American for called and in, closed Taliban the as colleagues by other each congratulating are Taliban The" .phone satellite by a be to this declaring Haq, Abdul commander of capture the on radio Pashtun, a was Haq Commander .said Kabul from report a "success, great .Taliban the like again arms up take to ready be would he week this earlier said He his try to wanted he first but forward, way other no see could he if .diplomacy at hand ruler Afghan former 87-year-old the return to efforts backed He king's the warned have Taliban The .power to Shah Zahir Mohammed .Afghanistan enter they if consequences dire face will they supporters into enter to try not Shah Zahir of supporters the advise We" they Otherwise .motives nefarious their up give to and Afghanistan Taliban's militant the said "consequences, dangerous face will .Ahmedullah Qari Chief Intelligence in be to said is Karzai, Hamid Pashtun, Afghan prominent Another .Haq's Abdul to mission similar a on Afghanistan Taliban-held the entered noble, Afghan an Karzai, family, his to According .began Afghanistan of bombing US the after day the country TK/MMZ/NA/AR End