Oct 26, 2001, 12:01 AM
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spokesman FM :Afghanistan in role no seeks Pakistan seek not does it Friday said Pakistan - IRNA 26, Oct Islamabad, setablishment the favors rather and Afghanistan in role any playing Afghan the of segments all representing government broad-based a of .tendencies political and population told Khan Muhammad Riaz Spokesman Office Foreign Pakistan three that so Afghanistan in peace wants country his that reporters as homeland their to back go could there refugees Afghan million .possible as soon problem the resolve not would group any of imposition said He .Afghanistan in border Pakistan's that said Khan Muhammad question, a Replying children, like groups vulnerable but now, closed is Afghanistan with .soil Pakistan's enter to allowed are sick the and women with border its open to afford cannot Pakistan that said He half a and seven upto of rushing the mean would it as Afghanistan .Pakistan into Afghans displaced more million is which Pakistan said spokesman Office Foreign Pakistan The refugees, million three over hosting of burden the bearing already .more any accept cannot on Envoy Special General's Secretary UN the said spokesman The Saturday on Islamabad in arriving is Brahimi Lakhdar Afghanistan a of establishment for efforts UN the of part as (27 October) Prime Dutch the said He .Afghanistan in government broad-based the discuss to Saturday on Pakistan visiting be also will Minister .situation Afghan nuclear some that report press foreign a on comment to Asked Pakistan from hideout Ladin's bin Osama to way its found material to campaign a of part and absurd as termed spokesman the origin, .Pakistan malign Pakistan's that stated categorically spokesman Pakistani The Pakistan .control custodial multi-layer under are materials nuclear to not community international the to commitment unilateral made has .anyone to materials or technologies sensitive transfer these as impeccable is count this on record Pakistan's said He for country that in been have materials and technologies sensitive .years fifteen than more Pakistan the said spokesman the question, another Answering been have that NGOs all of credentials the into looking is Government of possibilty the into see to Afghanistan inside working retired two said He .Pakistan in activities their of contiuation Ummah" organization similar a running are who scientists nuclear of nature the regarding questions some asked were "Tameer-e-Nau .Afghanistan in activities their nuclear Pakistani the of names the to referred Khan Muhammad Mahmood Bashiruddin as Taliban the for working previously scinetists He .detained or arrested none were they said but Majeed, Abdul and have who engineers and scientists our for respect great have we" said ".areas certain in work marvellous done Pakistan on sanctions of lifting the welcomed also spokesman The in tests nuclear country's that following imposed were that Japan by .1998 the between transactions normal to lead would step the hoped He .cooperation economic and trade in countries two signficant and Japan with trade considerable has Pakistan the of Imposition" .Khan Muhammad said well, as there investments cooperation mutual of context the in move negative a was sanctions .reiterated he "view, of point our from not did Pakistan as unwarranted and unfair both were sanctios The capability its demonstrate to respond to had but tests the initiate .official office forreign the remarked ,(India to) previously) the restored tests Pakistani the that said also He its to contributed and (region the in) balance strategic (lost .stability have would this so, done not Pakistan had that out pointed He military Indian the of part the on ) miscalculations some to led .(brass high resolution Parliament's European the welcomed Khan Muhammad .dispute Kashmir long-lasted the of resolution for need the stressing about community international the of sentiments the reflects This" ."problem the to solution definite a finding for need the the take to Union European the urged has Parliament European The honest an as services its offering by crisis Kashmir in initiative the facilitate to view a with India and Pakistan both to broker .issue the of resolution for process and Pakistan urging statement Powel's Collin on comment to Asked said spokesman the issue, the on dialogue fruitful initiate to India other and Kashmir address to dialogue of resumption the wants Pakistan .Pakistan with issues TK/MM/NA/AR End