Oct 26, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Camp Makaki at settled Afghans 5,000 Some 5,000 Some -- IRNA 26, Oct Prov, Baouchestan and Sistan Zahedan, Afghanistan's on set Camp, Makaki at housed been have refugees Afghan southeastern Iran's opposite Iran, with border country's that of side .Zabol of city Hosseini Mahmoud Province Baluchestan and Sistan of Governor The .Thursday here news the announced refugees Afghan the of number daily average the estimated Hosseini war-torn the from Iran, by up st camps, 46 Mile and Makaki to coming .families 200 about at cities Afghan Mile at settled been have families 120 in Afghans 574 some said He .territory Afghan the inside miles 46 up set been has which Camp 46 by provided been had camps the of facilities the said Hosseini been had help no that regretted and organizations relief Iranian their following promises despite bodies international from received huumanitarian Iran's of appreciation and camps these to visits recent .efforts its sealed Iran Afghanistan, on attacks -led.S.U the Following an of multiplication a prevent to country that with borders eastern officials the whom Iran in refugees Afghan of population large already as well as vices social several for blame often public and overtly .problem unemployment severe country's the of part the in prevailing now situation critical the regarding However, more a influx fresh the giving is Iran Afghanistan, war-torn by and in orphans the and ill the let to agreeing by view sympathetic eastern its of side Afghan the on camps refugee more up set to seeking .borders put has (UNHCR) Refugees for Commissioner High Nations United The US-led from resulting refugees Afghan of number anticipated the to come to likely are which of 450,000 million, 5.1 some at attacks .Iran the along areas "land no-mans" in up set be to are camps Five but refugees, 200,000 of total a for border the of sector northern Taliban-held the within one authorized only the is Camp Makaki the .territory area an in away (miles) kilometers few a located Camp, 46 Mile The camp another is Alliance, North opposition Afghan the by controlled Afghan the shelter to up set has Society Crescent Red Iran's that .raids air .S.U fleeing refugees AA/NA/AR End