Oct 26, 2001, 12:01 AM
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attacks -led.S.U to halt immediate for calls president Iran Former (quotes more add To :REPETITION) Hashemi Akbar president former Iran's -- IRNA 26, Oct Tehran, attacks -led.S.U the to halt immediate an urged Friday here Rafsanjani .Afghanistan on their halt to masters House White the advise I well-wisher, a As" he "attacks, their with ahead go to not and Afghanistan in adventurism .Tehran in Prayer Friday weekly the at worshipers of thousands told arbitrative Iran's of head the currently is who Rafsanjani, task heavy the leave to authorities .S.U the asked Council, Expediency United the to terrorism against campaign international an launching of .Nations act and Nations United the to task the leave must Americans The" decision, collective community's international the to according isely the across people sincere the with regard this in cooperating .said he "globe, Mohammad President Iran's by made been already has plea a Such the immediately stop to" States United the on called has who Khatami ".Afghanistan on "attacks its implement to seeking was Washington that said Rafsanjani fighting" of banner the under region the in policies expansionist failed far so have attacks -led.S.U the adding, "terrorism, against .7 October on unleashed they since results tangible any achieve to twenty past the for attacks aerial under been has Afghanistan" after achieved have Americans the what is know to thing the but days, .said he "all, Arab the even nor NATO, the nor Union, European the Neither" of solution .S.U the accept to willing is else anybody or ountries, we are Neither .militants Taliban the against manner this in fighting current the exploited has America But .behavior Taliban the with happy Iranian the "terrorism, against campaign a of name the in situation .said official two or one by out carried be cannot terrorism Checking" it against fight to manage can power no and governments .added Rafsanjani "single-handedly, motives and instigators roots, the current, global a is Terrorism" an to according fought and identified be to have which of .added he "plan, international but attacks, terror the condemn to swift was Republic Islamic The they saying Afghanistan, on strikes -led.S.U the denounced also has .civilians targeted also against campaign international an for called has instead, Iran, .Nations United the of leadership the under terrorism BH/NA/AR End