Oct 26, 2001, 12:01 AM
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Afghanistan in work won't plan imposed :leader deputy PML Muslim Pakistan of vice-president Senior -- IRNA 25, .Oct Islamabad, Afghanistan's to sought solutions any that Friday said (PML) League restore to able be won't country that outside problems political .state war-torn the in peace permanent never have "rulers imposed" that IRNA told Ea'jazul-Haqq Muhammad home-grown a only too, future, the in and Afghans the by accepted been .Afghanistan to back stability and peace bring could formula none rulers, imposed several of fate doomed the seen has world The their by accepted been will free of and wholeheartedly was whom of .stated he people, the in past, the in committed others blunders the repeating Avoid" .makers policy .S.U the apearantly warned, he ,"future the for called strongly also official partisan Pakistani The any of up set the in (militants) Taliban (ill-famed) the of inclusion the sans peace no be will there that arguing government, Afghan future .arrangement new the in participation militia's relentless their for allies its and .S.U the at out Lashing ongoing the that proposed Ea'jaz civilians, innocent on bombardments to solution peaceful a that and immediately stopped be must operation .means diplomatic through sought be must situation choatic present the the after or before table negotiating a to come to have will You" .S.U the to reffering appearantly said, he "actions, military policy talks the adopt not why then" adding, Bush, .W George President oppressed the of blood-shed more avoid to now right availed is that "nation? Afghan "unjustified" totally operation -led.S.U the called leader PML The on proof tangible with up come to failed have allies western the as .America in events 11 September in involvement Laden's bin Osama fanning are Afghanistan against actions military the believes He far a towards world the push may this and .S.U against hatred stong .future near in situations dangerous more be least at could they Osama, against proofs are really there If" countries impartial non-Muslim, of committee trilateral a at presented ."validity and authenticity their determine to with sympathy heartfelt more and more day, passing every With" which atmosphere the and globe, the accross felt is people Afghan the to gone now has attacks Washington and York New the after prevailed argued "minds, opinion's public world the of margins peripheral the .E'ajaj view the of was question, another to response in leader, PML The in part its play to activated further be should too, OIC, the that to resolution non-military a find to ways possible the over pondering .issue Afghan the government's Pakistani the defended surprizingly meanwhile He saying terrorism, against war on .S.U the besides standing of stand .problems serious very faced have might country the otherwise to comes it when fulfilled effectively been never has role UN The" said, he entangled, get Muslims the which with problems resolving examples glaring are Kashmir and Palestine of issues the that adding .context this in Pakistan, like countries, regional the thought Ea'jaz However, also helpful be could Russia and Republics Asian Central the Iran, to settlement amicable an about bringing for made efforts the towards .imbroglio Afghan the the is it and issue Afghan the with do to nothing has US The their have that itself, nation Afghan the after nations, regional in prevail to continues turmoil and lawlessness if stake at inrterests .concluded he country, that MHA/MMZ/NA/AR END